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Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Impressively rare and uniquely stunning, tanzanite is the perfect gemstone for head-turning engagement rings. Explore our selection of tanzanite engagement rings including designs in white, yellow or rose gold. Whether you’re searching for a solitaire tanzanite ring or a tanzanite and diamond ring, we have the perfect ring for your special someone.
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Tanzanite Engagement Rings

FAQs about Tanzanite Engagement Rings

What are tanzanite engagement rings?

Tanzanite engagement rings are rings that feature tanzanite as the main gemstone rather than a diamond. Designs range across many styles including solitaire rings, three-stone rings or halo engagement rings featuring tanzanite as the main gem.

What metal is the best match for tanzanite?

The bright, white tone of white gold makes an ideal backdrop for the cool blue tone of tanzanite. Additional types of gold are becoming popular choices for tanzanite rings including yellow or rose gold. These different hues of gold bring added contrast to a tanzanite engagement ring.

Is tanzanite a good choice for engagement rings?

For those who dare to be different, blue tanzanite engagement rings make a beautiful, colorful choice. However, tanzanite ranks a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it considerably softer than a diamond. It’s more prone to cleavage and thermal shock, so for some very active people, it may not be suitable for daily wear.

Are matching tanzanite pieces available at Blue Nile?

We offer a wide selection of jewelry pieces featuring tanzanite, making it easy to coordinate this beautiful blue-hued ring with earrings, necklaces or other pieces.

What is the best way to clean tanzanite rings?

To clean a tanzanite ring, use a gentle jewelry cleaning solution and dry with a soft cloth. Tanzanite engagement rings, even those that also feature diamonds, should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.

What does an engagement ring with tanzanite symbolize?

As with any gemstone engagement ring, the ultimate meaning of a tanzanite ring is the everlasting commitment between two partners. The gemstone itself is often believed to carry additional meanings of enhanced intuition and perception. These special tanzanite meanings make it perfect for engagement styles, bringing additional connection to the couples lucky enough to exchange these rings.

Are tanzanite engagement rings affordable?

Though tanzanite is rarer than diamond, it’s a surprisingly affordable gemstone. We offer a wide selection of rings featuring this bluish purplish gem to accommodate budgets of all types.

Can tanzanite be worn every day?

Though not as hard as diamond, rings featuring tanzanite gems can be worn daily when extra care is taken. Sharp blows, sudden temperature changes and direct gemstone contact with cosmetics should be avoided.

What gemstones pair well with tanzanite?

With unique hues and play-of-color, tanzanite pairs perfectly with many gems. For a style that lets tanzanite steal the show, opt for a tanzanite diamond ring. If you’d like to lean into the gem’s blue hues, choose an aquamarine and tanzanite ring. For a style that plays up the purple, choose a design that adds amethyst to the setting.

Which wedding bands match this ring style?

We offer a wide variety of wedding bands perfect to pair with a tanzanite ring. The versatile tanzanite pairs perfectly with many band styles. For a coordinated look, choose a band in the same metal as the engagement ring.

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