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Morganite Engagement Rings

Celebrate your love with a shimmering pink morganite engagement ring. We offer platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold morganite engagement rings in solitaire, halo, pavé and additional setting styles. This pink-hued stone is a popular choice for engagement rings, bringing romantic tones to timeless designs.
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Morganite Engagement Ring

FAQs about Morganite Engagement Rings

Is morganite a popular choice for engagement rings?

While diamond engagement rings will always be the most popular choice, since diamonds are the most durable, timeless, and traditional stone, gemstone engagement rings offer a fun and colorful alternative. Of all the gemstone engagement rings, morganite is the second most popular, behind blue sapphire.

What metal should I choose for morganite engagement rings?

Enhance the soft pink tone of morganite by pairing it with rose gold. For a brighter look, select white gold or platinum. When designing a morganite engagement ring, the choice of a rose gold or white gold setting can help you to get the very best value for your budget.

What does morganite symbolize?

Morganite is a symbol of love, providing a soft pink tone that will sparkle for a lifetime.

Do morganite gemstone engagement rings also incorporate diamonds?

Choose a morganite solitaire for a simple, elegant look, or select one of our morganite gemstone engagement rings embellished with a diamond halo or accent stones.

Is morganite as durable as a diamond?

Diamonds are the hardest gemstones, clocking in at 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Morganite, which ranks a 7.5 to 8 on the scale, is considerably softer and more prone to scratches and chips. This makes it less suitable for everyday wear if you’re very active.

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