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Moonstone Engagement Rings

Create a captivating expression of your love with a moonstone engagement ring that’s as unique as your story. Moonstone rings bring one-of-a-kind beauty fit for the most memorable engagement styles. This enchanting gemstone pairs beautifully with diamond accents. It also looks chic and modern with traditional yellow gold settings. Paired with complementary bands, moonstone engagement rings bring shining beauty for years to come.
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FAQs about Moonstone Engagement Rings

What are moonstone engagement rings?

Moonstone engagement rings feature a moonstone gemstone in the center instead of a traditional diamond. These rings most commonly feature a rounded cabochon gemstone that shows off the shining iridescence of the stone.

Is moonstone a good choice for engagement rings?

A quality-grade moonstone makes a beautifully unique engagement ring. However, moonstones are very soft and prone to cleavage, so they may not be suitable for daily wear if you’re very active.

What metal makes the best pairing for moonstone?

The glowing tones of a moonstone stand out against the traditional beauty of a yellow gold engagement ring setting, but any metal choice pairs well with this luminous stone.

Are halo settings available for moonstone engagement rings?

Halo engagement rings are most popular in diamond styles, but many people also love the beauty that moonstone brings to this design. We offer sleek, sophisticated moonstone engagement rings featuring halos to complement the gemstone.

Are moonstone rings durable?

This gemstone is a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s a relatively soft stone. The right setting can make the gemstone more fit for frequent wear, adding extra protection around the stone to increase its durability. Moonstone rings can be kept at their best by keeping them stored away safely when you’re engaging in situations that can damage the stone.

What does a moonstone engagement ring mean?

Otherworldly moonstone is believed to represent love and passion, making it a beautiful ring for engagement wear. It's a common gemstone for vintage engagement rings, evoking art nouveau designs with its enchanting glow.

Which metals match this gemstone?

Yellow gold is one of the best complements for moonstone, with many engagement rings featuring moonstones coming in yellow gold settings.

How do you clean this ring style?

Moonstone engagement rings are best cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a soft gentle brush or cloth. Once the ring is clean, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth before returning it to its original packaging or protective case.

Which bands match a moonstone engagement ring?

Lustrous engagement rings with moonstones match many different styles of wedding bands. Choose from bands in matching metals, contrasting designs or complementary styles.

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