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White Gold Engagement Rings

A popular platinum alternative, white gold engagement rings offer timeless style and lasting beauty. These shining rings fit icy brilliant diamonds, fancy-colored diamonds and virtually any engagement ring style. Explore our large selection of white gold engagement rings including modern, classic, vintage-inspired and custom rings.
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White Gold Engagement Rings

FAQs about White Gold Engagement Rings

What is white gold?

White gold is a combination of pure gold, nickel and palladium alloys. It's the variety of alloys that gives the white gold its lighter tone. Once these metals are combined, white gold rings are finished with a plated layer of rhodium. White gold is real gold that has been designed for a platinum-like appearance.

What's the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold is a rhodium-plated metal that is a more economical alternative to platinum. Unlike platinum, white gold will need to be replated as it starts to wear. You'll know it's time to have the ring plated when it starts to display a champagne tone.

How is a white gold engagement ring’s price determined?

The price of a white gold engagement ring is determined by a few factors, including karat (purity of gold), the physical weight of the gold, craftsmanship details, and the current market value of gold.

What karat gold is best?

In general, the higher the karat of the gold, the better the quality. However, both 14k gold and 18k gold result in beautiful rings. 14k gold engagement rings use a higher percentage of other base metals in their alloys, making them a more budget-friendly choice. 18k gold engagement rings are very slightly softer, but they provide a luxurious look.

Is white gold a good metal for an engagement ring?

Yes, white gold is a fantastic choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. In both 14 and 18k, white gold engagement rings are an affordable alternative to platinum.

Are white gold engagement rings popular?

Affordability and durability have made white gold a popular metal for engagement styles. Its signature icy shade is the perfect fit for virtually any ring style, gemstone type and diamond color. White gold engagement rings for women and men are popular choices for everyday wear.

How do I find the right ring size?

You can explore our tips on how to measure ring size at home to find the right size. Many white gold engagement rings are easily resizable if needed.

What gemstones look best in this metal?

White gold offers a stylistically neutral background, making it the perfect fit for virtually any gemstone. The most classic option is white gold diamond engagement rings, but additional gemstones such as sapphires are popular for this style. Virtually any gemstone will glisten in a white gold setting! Alternative gems, such as aquamarine, are a popular choice for unique white gold engagement rings.

Does white gold turn yellow?

Over time, the rhodium plating on the exterior of white gold engagement rings can wear away. This may result in the ring appearing more champagne-colored over time. A quick replating will bring the ring back to its original luster. White gold engagement rings can yellow over time depending on a person’s own body chemistry, wear and overall care given to the ring.

Can white gold get wet?

White gold engagement rings can get wet, but they should not be worn when cleaning or showering as cleaning chemicals can be potentially harmful to the metal.

What is the best way to care for white gold engagement rings?

To keep white gold in its best shape, make sure to regularly clean it with specialized jewelry cleaners. Avoid wearing the ring when engaging in strenuous activities like cleaning or cooking.

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