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Platinum Engagement Rings

If you want to design an engagement ring that will last as long as your love for one another, choose platinum. Platinum engagement rings are the most popular choice at Blue Nile, because they provide a white sheen that reflects the brilliance of the diamond. This incredibly durable material means the engagement ring you design will last a lifetime. Shop platinum engagement rings at Blue Nile, and propose in sparkling style.
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Platinum Engagement Rings

FAQs about Platinum Engagement Rings

What's a more affordable alternative to platinum for engagement rings?

White gold offers a similar white sheen, making it a popular alternative to platinum. White gold is not as durable as platinum, making it more susceptible to scratches over time. In fact, white gold features a layer of alloy rhodium (a precious metal from the platinum group) and will require occasional plating.

What affects engagement ring cost?

The material of the band, cost of the stone, and details of the setting are a few of the factors that go into determining the final cost of an engagement ring.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

On average, Blue Nile customers select a diamond just under one carat, but you can choose any size that fits the setting and budget you select.

Should the wedding band metal match the engagement ring metal?

Because they stack directly on top of one another, we recommend choosing the same type of metal for both the engagement ring and the wedding band. Because the wedding band and engagement rings are stacked, it's important to choose designs that complement one another. Otherwise, the band of one could scratch or damage the band of the other with daily wear.

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