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Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces offer endless options for adding flair to your look. Sterling silver pendants create subtle shine while diamond-studded silver cross necklaces add extra meaning to any outfit. Treasure your special moments with a silver locket that hangs near your heart or layer multiple fine silver chain necklaces to add depth to your style.


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FAQs about Silver Necklaces

One very contemporary fashion trend is layering delicate silver chains on top of each other to create a multidimensional look custom to the wearer. Other trendy silver necklaces include chokers and simple pendants that hang beautifully between your collarbones. For more casual occasions such as work or dinner with friends, cable chains and bar necklaces are options that fit in just right with modern style.

Most necklaces are made of sterling silver. There are two main types of silver —fine silver (999) and sterling silver (925). These numbers represent the percentage of the piece that's pure silver. Fine silver contains 99.9% pure silver while sterling silver contain 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% another metal. The other metal is usually copper, which increases the hardness of the jewelry and its ability to withstand daily wear, which is why sterling silver is the number one choice for jewelry.

You can find chic silver necklaces at just about any price point. A simple silver necklace can cost less than one hundred dollars, while intricate silver pendant necklaces can cost up to several thousand. The main factors in the price of a silver necklace are the presence of extenstive craftsmanship and any added embellishments. A silver necklace featuring gemstones like topaz or pearls will cost much more than a simple silver chain necklace.

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