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Silver Earrings

Shine in timeless style with sterling silver earrings in designs fit for any occasion. Bring everyday sparkle with silver earring studs, dramatic profiles with silver earring drops or added shine with hoops in popular silver. Unique designs with standalone silver, additional textures and even gemstones are available among our selection of earrings in silver. Treat yourself or a loved one to sterling silver earrings crafted to last.
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Silver Earrings

FAQs about Silver Earrings

Can you wear silver earrings everyday?

Sterling silver earrings make an excellent choice for everyday wear. Wearing your silver jewelry actually helps prevent it from tarnishing, so to keep your silver looking its best, you should wear it as often as you can.

How do you take care of silver earrings?

Other than wearing your silver regularly, you can take care of your silver earrings by storing them in a cool, dark and dry location. It’s recommended to keep your sterling silver earrings away from prolonged moisture as this can accelerate tarnishing. When you’re not wearing your earrings, keep them stored in a pouch or box where they will be shielded from the light. If you haven't worn your silver accessories for a while, you can take care of them and restore their beauty with a proper jewelry cleaning solution.

Can you leave silver earrings in?

You can leave silver earrings in for much of your daily wear, however, removing them before physical activities, showering and swimming will prolong their life. Remember, the more you wear your silver earrings, the better they'll look.

Is silver good for earrings?

Silver is one of the most popular metals for all types of jewelry, including silver bracelets and silver necklaces. Its beauty and durability make it the perfect fit for earrings. A shining pair of silver earrings will bring lasting beauty. Though tarnish can form over time, it’s easily removed with a quick clean or polish.

Are silver stud earrings and hoops good for sensitive ears?

Depending on the skin sensitivity, sterling silver earrings may be a great fit. It’s not the most popular metal for hypoallergenic jewelry, but it is a good option for wearers without sensitivities to silver’s metals.

Do these earrings make good gifts?

Earrings in sterling silver are the perfect gift for any occasion. They're available in a wide variety of designs, making them a great choice for any style.

Is this jewelry affordable?

Yes, sterling earrings are an affordable option for frequent wear. They are reasonably priced, with more complex or larger pairs receiving higher price tags.

How can you tell if earrings are authentic sterling silver?

Genuine sterling silver earrings will be stamped with 925 or the word sterling to indicate their material. Purchasing from jewelers that you trust is an easy way to ensure you are receiving authentic silver.

Can these earrings get wet?

Silver stud earrings, hoops and drops can get wet without getting damaged. Be sure to thoroughly dry the earrings after any exposure to moisture. It is always best to remove these earrings before showering, swimming or cleaning to avoid exposure to soaps or chemicals.

How do you style silver earrings for women and men?

Sterling earrings for women and men can be worn on their own or paired with other earrings for wearers with multiple ear piercings. For contrast, pair them with gold earrings or gemstone styles to create a complementary look. 

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