Guide to Wearing Mixed Metal Jewelry

Smiling woman wearing mixed metal Blue Nile jewelry. 

Jewelry, above all else, is about self-expression. Wearing your favorite necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets should feel comfortable, fun and authentic. As with all types of fashion, jewelry is about showing off your personal style  

While there are some age-old jewelry styling rules that hold true today, new trends have made way for updated looks including mixed metal jewelry. If the maximalist look of different metals together in your jewelry resonates with your style, we invite you to explore our guide to wearing mixed metal jewelry. We’re sharing tips for combining styles in silver, gold, platinum and additional precious metals.  

What is Mixed Metal Jewelry?

Mixed metal jewelry refers to pieces that contain at least two visible metals in their design. This is often a single piece of jewelry with two different metals on display such as yellow and white gold, rose gold and silver, sterling silver and gold or platinum and yellow gold. The jewelry is purposely designed to showcase two different colored metals together in one cohesive piece.  

The term mixed metal can also refer to an overall look someone is wearing when they pair different singular metal pieces together. This can look like wearing a silver necklace alongside a gold necklace, a rose gold ring next to a platinum ring, two pairs of hoops in different metals or other combinations.  

Whenever someone is wearing two different jewelry metals together, it is considered a mixed metal look. This can be achieved by wearing two complete pieces of different metals, or by wearing one mixed metal jewelry piece that combines two alloys in one design 

How to Wear Mixed Metals 

As with all jewelry styling, it’s about having fun as you create a look that’s unique to you. Here are our styling tips for creating your very own on-trend mixed metal jewelry wardrobe. 

Start With Standalone Mixed Metal Styles

If you’re new to wearing multiple precious metals at once, we suggest starting with jewelry designs that have taken care of the coordinating for you. Pieces such as this rose and white gold necklace, this rose gold and tantalum ring or these two-tone love knot earrings showcase the trendy mixed metal look  

Close up of person’s earring, featuring mixed metals of white and yellow gold.

Designs like these can be worn on their own or with matching styles that showcase one or all of the mixed metals.  

Work with Simpler Pairings and Upgrade Over Time 

Keeping it simple is one of the best tips for wearing the mixed metal trend. Start with just two metals to keep things more coordinated. Many people choose to mix silver and gold jewelry by wearing different pieces from these classic metals.  

Mixed metal silver and gold locket with black and white photos inside.

If you’re wondering how to mix silver and gold jewelry, simply choose the styles that speak to you in these metals. That can look like wearing a two-tone necklace that combines both metals, sporting a gold necklace with a silver accent chain, wearing silver rings alongside a gold bracelet or any other combination. By starting with just two metals, you can learn about which styles speak to you. 

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with pairing two metals, you can consider adding different metals for tri-color or even more prismatic styles. Many people enjoy wearing gold’s most popular shades together at the same time, sporting rose, white and yellow gold jewelry all together for a mixed metal look. Other styling options include pairing platinum, rose gold and titanium for a unique look.  

Choose a Focal Point

If you’re looking to mix and match a few different pieces in varying metals, it’s a good idea to let one element of the look serve as the focal point. This could be a white gold tennis bracelet, a mixed metal wristwatch, a dazzling eternity necklace or a classic chain.  

Photo of woman’s arms, she is wearing mixed metal jewelry. 

From there, you can pick different metal accent pieces in thinner designs and simpler silhouettes to complement the focal piece without overpowering it. This approach helps add dimension to your mixed metal style while keeping a cohesive look.  

Keep Durability in Mind

It’s important to consider the durability and interplay of the metals you’re wearing. High karat gold will scratch more easily than tougher titanium. Softer silver may sustain wear more readily than platinum.  

The exact mix of alloys in a single piece of jewelry will influence its durability, but there are general rules that should be followed when mixing metals for prolonged wear. It’s best to wear mixed metals of similar karat, durability ratings and care needs.  

While wearing mixed metal necklaces of different alloys or mixed metal earrings of different materials for short-term wear is no problem, you should keep the interplay of your chosen metals in mind if you’re looking to wear a mixed look for years to come.  

The experts at our jewelry stores can help you pick the perfect combination for your style, budget and jewelry longevity.  

Have Fun with Your Look

As with many of today’s jewelry trends, fun is at the core of expressing yourself through mixed metal jewelry. Choose designs, pieces and pairings that feel authentic to your personal tastes. When you have fun with your jewelry choices, it’s easy to build the perfect mixed metal look.  

Questions and Answers About Mixed Metal Jewelry

Yes, you can wear gold and silver together. These metals pair well together for a contrasting look. They are both durable and can withstand daily wear, so they are popular choices for pairing.  

Absolutely! Today, jewelry fashion is all about self-expression. Wearing mixed metals is a trendy way to showcase your personal style.  

Most fine jewelry can be cleaned with a solution of water and gentle dish soap. Thoroughly dry your mixed metal jewelry before putting it away or wearing it. Some gemstones require specific care steps, so be sure to follow any suggestions for your specific diamonds and gemstones regarding their care.  

Wearing different precious metals at the same time is a very stylish jewelry look. The mixed metal jewelry trend is popular for men and women of all ages.  

Wearing Your Mixed Metal Look 

Two-tone mixed metal gold necklace with white gold, rose gold and diamonds.

This jewelry trend has serious staying power, thanks to the easy flexibility of its styling. Just as with stacking bracelets, layering necklaces and ring stacks, mixed metal jewelry pieces can be added and removed to create new looks on a whim.  

Ready to start mixing? Shop our leading selection of fine jewelry to find the perfect pieces to mix and match!  

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