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Statement Rings

Standout in style with statement rings in gold, platinum, silver and more. Statement rings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Treat yourself or someone you love to a statement ring from our collection and choose from our expertly-crafted designs that are made to last. Whether you choose an on-trend diamond statement ring or a soft vintage-inspired design, our men’s and women’s statement rings are a great choice. With statement-making rings of all sizes, silhouettes and designs, we have a unique standout style for you or a loved one.
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Statement ring featuring tanzanite and diamond halo in yellow gold

FAQs about Statement Rings

What is a statement ring?

A statement ring can be any ring that makes a statement. They can be band-only designs, open rings, solitaires, engagement rings, gemstone or diamond styles. Statement rings have attention-grabbing designs that are crafted to stand out. Larger rings, such as cocktail rings, can be statement styles. But other popular statement rings are also available, including ones that you can stack together.

Which finger do you wear a statement ring on?

Many statement rings come in boho, chunky, solitaire or other unique designs. This larger scope makes them a popular choice for wearing on the ring, middle or index finger of either hand. Of course, there are no strict rules when it comes to jewelry, and you can wear your silver, platinum or gold statement ring on whichever finger you prefer.

What is a statement ring for?

Silver, platinum and gold statement rings are worn to showcase personal style. They make a statement through their designs and can often be worn alongside other jewelry styles such as fashion rings.

Are these rings popular?

Statement-making rings are in-demand styles for any occasion. Today's trendy styles call for standalone statement rings worn alongside daintier gold rings or opposite wedding sets

They're especially popular as gifts because they can bring unique looks to jewelry wardrobes of all sizes.

What is the difference between a statement ring and a cocktail ring?

Statement rings and cocktail rings are both attention-grabbing designs. The main difference is that cocktail rings are often worn on their own due to a larger profile, while statement rings can vary widely in size and thus can be mixed and matched together.

How do I coordinate this look with other jewelry?

For a maximalist look, pair your statement ring with other rings such as eternity rings, promise rings or birthstone rings. They also match jewelry in similar metals, such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets in a metal that matches the statement ring.

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