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Heart Rings

Romantic heart-shaped rings are a sweet way to showcase a lasting connection. Our gold and silver heart rings are available in a variety of designs including signet styles, gemstone-focused rings and rings with diamonds. A heart ring is the perfect piece to symbolize a lasting commitment or to celebrate the classic shape of this design. Explore our selection of heart-shaped rings with timeless and contemporary styles you’re sure to love.
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Gold heart ring with cluster diamonds

FAQs about Heart Rings

What does wearing a heart-shaped ring mean?

A heart ring often symbolizes a lasting romantic commitment. This style can be a unique take on promise rings or engagement rings. A heart-shaped ring can also represent a commitment to oneself or a milestone in a journey of personal growth. As with all jewelry, a ring in a heart shape can simply symbolize that the wearer likes this style of jewelry.

Do you wear a heart ring facing you?

Wearing your heart ring facing in or out can have different meanings in certain cultures. In some parts of the world, wearing the pointed end of a heart ring facing towards the tip of your finger (also known as wearing the ring facing out) can signify that you’re single. In these instances, wearing the pointed end of the ring facing your wrist (facing in) means that you’re married or possibly engaged. 

Ultimately, you can wear your heart ring in whichever direction makes the most sense for you and your culture. 

What designs are popular?

Gold heart rings with gemstones such as diamonds, classic blue sapphires and romantic pink sapphires are our most popular designs.

Are these rings good gifts?

Heart-shaped rings are excellent gifts for anniversaries and romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day. They are typically gifted between partners to showcase a lasting love.

Can I buy myself a heart-shaped ring?

Though heart rings are often given between couples, they are also ideal for self-purchase gifts. Yes, you can buy yourself a heart-shaped ring for any reason you’d like. Perhaps you’re buying a heart ring to celebrate your own personal milestones or you’re buying it just because you like the design. Whatever the reason, enjoying this stylish jewelry is the perfect reason to buy a gold, silver, platinum or pink heart ring.

What is the proper way to wear a heart-shaped ring?

Depending on the meaning behind your gold or silver heart-shaped ring, you’ll need to decide which finger the ring is worn on. If it’s for a romantic commitment, you may opt to wear the ring on your right or left ring finger. If it’s a self-love ring, you may choose to wear it on either of your pinkies. 

There are no set rules regarding where to wear your heart-shaped ring. As long as you’re choosing a placement that is comfortable and meaningful for you, it’s a great way to wear this jewelry.

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