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Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Explore our collection of lab grown diamond necklaces and pendants for brilliant pieces that are crafted to last. Celebrate a special occasion with the gift of a lab diamond necklace or bring sparkle to everyday style with a lab created diamond pendant necklace. Whether you’re purchasing a gift or treating yourself to a lab grown diamond necklace, our collection has the perfect piece. Discover the timeless beauty of lab diamond pendants and necklaces.
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FAQs about Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Do lab diamond necklaces feature real diamonds?

A lab diamond necklace will test as real diamonds because lab created diamonds are real diamonds. They're different from natural diamonds due to their lab made origins, but both kinds of diamonds are optically and chemically identical. 

Are lab created diamond necklaces good gifts?

Absolutely! A lab created diamond pendant necklace makes the perfect anniversary gift, while an eternity style of lab diamonds can also offer standout style. Celebrate the special occasions in your life with lab diamond necklaces.

What designs are popular?

We offer a leading selection of lab grown diamond necklaces including pendant-forward styles. Precious metals, solitaire styles and pavé designs are popular options. Lab diamond necklaces offer classic sparkle that’s always in style.

How much does a lab diamond necklace cost?

Lab created diamond pendant necklaces and other styles with these gems are often priced lower than designs featuring natural gems. The exact cost of a lab grown diamond necklace will depend on the number of diamonds it features, the metal from which it’s made, any additional gems and the complexity of its designs.

Are necklaces with lab diamonds durable?

Lab diamonds are just that, diamonds. They're as durable as natural ones, with high-quality gemstones that are crafted to last.

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