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White Gold Bracelets

Shining white gold bracelets are always in style. Explore bangles, cuffs, paperclip chains, bolo looks and other classic silhouettes in white gold. Dress up an outfit with a white gold bracelet that features sparkling diamonds. Bring the cool glow of white gold to casual styles with a dainty chain bracelet in white gold. Whether you’re building a bracelet stack, shopping for a gift or updating your jewelry wardrobe, white gold bracelets are a leading choice.
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White gold bracelet in 14k paperclip style

FAQs about White Gold Bracelets

How are white gold bracelets made?

White gold bracelets are made by mixing yellow gold with other alloys such as nickel, palladium and silver. To achieve the iconic glow of white gold, the bracelets are then plated in rhodium. The metal rhodium is a member of the platinum family, and it provides a silvery-white finish to white gold bracelets.

What does 14k or 18k mean for bracelets in white gold?

The amount of gold as compared to other alloys in the piece will determine its karat value, also known as its purity. The higher the number before the letter “k” that is stamped upon a white gold bracelet, the more gold that bracelet contains. 14k and 18k white gold bracelets are popular choices as they offer durability while still having a high gold content.

How can you tell if a white gold bracelet is real?

Purchasing from jewelers you can trust is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the real thing. An authentic white gold bracelet will have a stamp to indicate its purity. The stamp will typically show a number followed by the letter “k” to indicate its karat.

Which designs are popular?

We offer a wide selection of white gold bracelets for women and men, with designs to match any style and budget. Diamond tennis styles are instant classics, along with dainty chains that feature a diamond pavé focal point. For men’s white gold bracelets, popular designs include wheat chains, Figaro chains and rope chains.

Can you stack bracelets in white gold?

White gold styles are leading choices for bracelet stacking. Pair two styles for a complementary yet contrasting look, such as wearing a white gold bangle alongside a chain bracelet in white gold.

What is the best way to clean this kind of jewelry?

If you’re wondering how to clean a white gold bracelet, it all starts with gentle cleaning solutions. Plain metal white gold bracelets can be cleaned using water with a mild dish soap or a specialized jewelry cleaner. For white gold bracelets with gemstones, follow additional gemstone care tips for the specific gems in your bracelet.

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