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Heart Necklaces

Everlasting love is at the soul of our heart necklaces. Available in gold, silver and platinum, our heart necklaces send the message of love and friendship. Whether you're buying for yourself, for a friend or for a family member, each piece is exquisitely designed as an enchanting expression of warmth and admiration.


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FAQs about Heart Necklaces

Heart-shaped jewellery has long been associated with love, affection and even friendship. Victorians would wear heart padlock bracelets and necklaces, known as gate charms, when their spouse or partner was traveling far away for extended periods of time. These necklaces and bracelets would be worn until their loved one returned. Today, heart-shaped jewellery is still worn to remind us of those we love the most. Heart necklaces are often given as gifts for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries or just because. Contemporary heart necklaces are different from the jewels of centuries past and now feature modern metals, gemstones and even diamonds. A heart-shaped pendant symbolizes many things, such as love, affection and friendship. From gemstone pieces, like opal heart necklaces, to heart infinity necklaces, these pieces of jewellery make wonderful gifts that show the important people in your life how much you care for them.

Heart necklaces have seen a recent rise in popularity. They look fantastic in layered sets and their romantic nature lends itself well to chic outfits and whimsical style. Choose between gold, platinum or silver heart-shaped necklaces or opt for a piece that displays your birthstone.

A heart necklace can be a heart locket and vice versa. The difference between the two is that a heart necklace doesn't open, but a heart locket has hinges that open to hold things of sentimental value, like a treasured photograph or small keepsake. Heart pendant necklaces include both lockets and non-hinged heart-shaped charms.

Much like three stone engagement rings, 3 heart necklaces often symbolize the many facets of love: past, present and future. A three heart necklace can also symbolize three children or even three friends.

Heart necklaces can be worn on their own or with other chains for a stacked look. This romantic necklace style is available in gold, silver and platinum.

Open heart necklaces are some of the most personal styles of heart necklaces. They are typically given between couples and symbolize everlasting love between two people.

We offer several customizable heart necklaces including engravable pendants and lockets. Choose the customized heart necklace that speaks to your loved one and relationship.

Heart pendants range in size from several centimeters to about an inch long. These pendants sit perfectly on necklaces of all lengths but are best worn close to the heart. Chains 16-20 inches long are a great option for heart pendants.

Budget is an important consideration for your heart jewellery purchase. Sterling silver heart necklaces are an affordable, durable and sparkling option for this symbolic jewellery. A platinum or a gold heart necklace makes a wonderful gift for special occasions, anniversaries and new moms.

The loving symbolism of heart-shaped necklaces brings beautiful meaning when the wearer buys the jewellery themselves. You can absolutely buy yourself a heart necklace which can signify a journey of self-love, a professional accomplishment or simply a fashion choice.

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