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Modern, elegant, and simple, princess-cut engagement rings feature a square-shaped center stone, with each corner culminating in a 90-degree point. Commonly referred to as a square-cut diamond engagement ring, this shape is among the most popular of the fancy-cut diamonds. Shop our full selection of princess engagement rings to find just the one to fit your style and budget.
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Princess Engagement Ring

FAQs about Diamond Engagement Rings

Are all square engagement rings princess-cut engagement rings?

Although a square-cut engagement ring typically refers to a princess-cut ring, Asscher-, radiant-, and cushion-cut diamonds can all be featured in a square engagement ring.

Are princess engagement rings more expensive than round engagement rings?

No—in general, it's actually the opposite. Fancy-cut diamonds, such as the princess-cut diamond, are up to 25% lower in price than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight and quality.

How are princess-shaped engagement rings and cushion-cut engagement rings different?

Princess-cut engagement rings feature pointed, 90-degree corners, while cushion-cut engagement rings showcase diamonds with softer corners.

Do princess engagement rings or round engagement rings look bigger?

When you have two stones of equal carat weight, typically, a round diamond will appear larger than a princess cut. The Blue Nile size chart shows how each diamond shape measures up at equal carat weights.

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