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Design Your Own Ring

Engagement ring settings are inspired by romance, adoration and a lifelong commitment to one another. Choose the right platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold setting to showcase your love. We offer customizable gemstone and diamond ring settings, making it easy to design the perfect ring.
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Design Your Own Ring

FAQs about Design Your Own Ring

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

The most important factor for determining how much you should spend on an engagement ring is your budget. While there are many traditional schools of thought regarding how much to spend, the right amount is a price that fits within your budget. Stunning diamond ring settings can be discovered at any price point, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a more cost-effective engagement ring, you can consider a gemstone engagement ring, or a lab-grown diamond.

What are the different engagement ring settings?

There are a multitude of engagement ring settings, with some of the most popular including solitaire, halo, three-stone and pavé. Luxurious settings can feature upwards of five large stones and include details such as hidden halos and triple-rows of diamonds. If the wearer's tastes align with simpler styles, the solitaire setting is a timeless treasure that is sure to be cherished and passed down for generations to come.

How much are engagement ring settings?

Engagement ring settings vary widely in price with different designs bringing different price points. Settings with simpler designs can start at a few hundred dollars while more complex styles with diamonds and gems can cost thousands of dollars. A setting will have one price that typically increases with the addition of the main diamond, other gemstones and customization such as engraving.

How can you customize diamond ring settings?

At Blue Nile, we make it easy to create a custom engagement ring. You can start by browsing through our engagement ring settings and selecting the design that best fits the wearer. From there, you can select the perfect diamond or gemstone from our large selection. Additional customizations, such as engraving, are available for many settings as well.

What is the most popular setting for an engagement ring?

Solitaire and pavé settings are some of our most popular diamond ring settings. Designs with gemstones and additional accent stones are growing in popularity as well.

Which metals are available?

You can build your own engagement ring in platinum, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. These precious metals are both stylish and durable.

How do I find my partner’s ring size?

Our ring size chart includes measurements and tips for finding your partner’s ring size.

What are the components of an engagement ring setting?

The standard components of engagement ring settings include the shank, the head, the prongs and the diamond. The shank is the part of the ring that wraps around the finger and the head contains the prongs that secure the diamond. Additional diamond ring settings in engagement styles often include added components such as accent stones, a gallery or a hidden halo. While prong settings are common, other custom engagement rings can include bezel, tension or channel-set stones.

How do Blue Nile custom engagement rings work?

Our diamond ring settings include several options for customization. Choose the engagement ring setting style that best suits the wearer’s tastes. From there, you can customize ring metal type, diamond size, diamond shape and even engraving for the band in many designs.

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