Engagement Ring Style Quiz

Three diamond and gold engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

An engagement ring symbolizes your continued commitment to your partner, serving as the sparkling key that unlocks the next stage in your relationship. This meaningful jewelry is something you’ll wear frequently, so it’s important to have a ring that matches your style.

Our Engagement Ring Style Quiz can help you navigate the different types of engagement rings that are available. Take the engagement ring quiz below to find out which type of ring may best fit your personality, style and tastes. 

Engagement Ring Style Quiz

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What kind of earrings do you like best?

4 / 12

Which diamond type do you like best?

5 / 12

Which celebrity has your favorite style? 

6 / 12

Which activity sounds the best for a date night?

7 / 12

Which best describes your personality?

8 / 12

Which gemstone type do you prefer?

9 / 12

Which wedding ring style do you like best?

10 / 12

Which vacation destination sounds best?

11 / 12

Which best describes your personal style?

12 / 12

Pick an everyday jewelry piece 

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Depending on which engagement ring style fits your personality, there are additional options that you can consider when designing the finished ring. Many of our women’s and men’s engagement rings are available in gold or platinum, with different shades to choose from. Our gold finder quiz can help you choose the right gold shade for your perfect ring. We also offer a leading selection of platinum engagement rings if you prefer this popular metal’s durability. 

Now that you’ve found your style inspiration, it’s time to find your fit. You can use our free ring sizer to ensure you’re choosing the right size for your finger. If you need additional help finding your size, you can visit your nearest Blue Nile Showroom or contact our experts for assistance.  

Once you’ve found your perfect engagement ring, we invite you to find its companion from our wide selection of wedding rings. 

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