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Pavé Engagement Rings

Create the perfect symbol of a lifelong partnership with a gorgeous pavé engagement ring from Blue Nile. This captivating style is marked by a center diamond and a band punctuated with petite diamond sidestones. Together, the multitude of diamonds creates an eye-popping engagement ring they'll cherish for a lifetime. Shop our selection of pavé engagement rings, and add more sparkle to your proposal.
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Pavé Engagement Rings

FAQs about Pavé Engagement Rings

What are pavé-style engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings feature a large center diamond whose brilliance is enhanced with petite diamonds around the band itself. The small diamonds in a pavé setting are called “melee.”

Is a pavé setting more expensive?

The vast array of pavé settings available at Blue Nile makes it easy to find one that fits your budget. The total price of the ring has less to do with the type of setting and more to do with the quality and the carat weight of the featured stones.

Are all pavé settings also halo settings?

No. Halo settings refer to a setting that features small accent diamonds surrounding the center diamond. Some, but not all, halo settings are also pavé settings, because they feature both a halo and a band set with diamonds.

What is carat weight and carat total weight?

Pavé settings feature a large center diamond surrounded by many smaller diamonds. Carat weight is the measurement of just the center diamond. Carat total weight is the combined carat weight of all of the diamonds included in the design.

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