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Six Prong Engagement Rings

Six-prong engagement rings elevate the center diamond above the band to showcase the center stone. This traditional ring setting is ideal for a solitaire, eternity, infinity, or vintage style engagement ring. Shopping for six-prong engagement rings at Blue Nile makes it fast and easy to create a custom engagement ring that will sparkle for a lifetime.
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Six Prong Engagement Rings

FAQs about Six Prong Engagement Rings

What is a six-prong engagement ring?

A six-prong engagement ring features six prongs that extend up from the band to support the center stone.

Are prongs the only type of setting?

No. When you don't want a prong-style engagement ring, you can opt for a channel-set engagement ring or a bezel-set engagement ring instead.

What diamond shapes are suitable for a six-prong setting?

The versatility of a six-prong diamond engagement ring setting makes it a suitable choice for many different diamond shapes, including round, oval, heart, pear, and more.

Are 6-prong engagement ring settings better than 4-prong settings?

Each style offers its own benefits, but overall, six-prong settings provide a more secure hold on the center diamond than a four-prong setting. If a prong is damaged in a four-prong setting, the diamond may become loose or fall out. If a prong is damaged in a six-prong setting, it's less likely that the diamond will be lost.

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