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Infinity Rings

Thoughtfully represent your love and passion with an eternally looping infinity ring. These symbolic rings are designed to represent an everlasting commitment through intertwined shapes of precious metal and optional gemstone additions. The iconic looping infinity symbol makes a memorable ring in silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Alternatively, a platinum infinity diamond ring offers back-to-back brilliance in a shimmering circle.


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FAQs about Infinity Rings

An infinity ring is an interwoven ring that features the figure-eight infinity shape. This can be in the form of the sideways infinity symbol laid seamlessly into a simple band, or expressed as two continuous overlapping bands that swirl around the finger. Some infinity rings feature one instance of the symbolic shape, while others wrap the figure-eight around the entire band.

An infinity ring traditionally represents everlasting love. As infinity is the symbol for something that never ends, using this sign on a romantic piece of jewellery is an instantly recognisable way to express eternal love.

Infinity rings in women’s and men’s styles can also represent personal meanings, such as professional accomplishments.

When wearing a women’s or men’s infinity wedding band, the ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. These rings are also popular choices in stackable ring sets, which can be worn on any finger you prefer. As with all jewellery, there are no hard rules, simple metal and even diamond infinity rings can be worn on any finger.

An infinity ring incorporates the sideways eight symbol for never-ending time, while an eternity ring consists of an end-to-end circle of gemstones on a ring. Both rings can represent endless love, and both are stunning choices of accessories. An eternity ring will feature a full loop of gemstones while infinity rings may not feature any gemstones at all.

Some infinity rings are also eternity rings, but not all eternity styles are infinity rings. Men’s and women’s infinity rings with an end-to-end circle of diamonds or gemstones in the infinity shape can also be called eternity-style rings.

Wearing platinum, silver or gold infinity rings can be a wonderful choice. These rings are very symbolic and stylish.

We offer men’s and women’s infinity rings in durable precious metals. Choose from silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

Many people choose to wear looping infinity rings as wedding bands, but this ring shape is not reserved for just wedding styles. This symbolic jewellery can represent a relationship, the wearer’s family or personal accomplishments. In fact, you can even wear infinity rings simply because you like the style.

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone featured in this style. Other options include amethyst, aquamarine and morganite.

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