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Halo Rings

Heavenly halo rings pair brilliant, eye-catching centre stones with an encircling row of smaller gems. The combination of different stone sizes creates a new level of radiance that elevates engagement rings, vintage-inspired baguette rings and on-trend rose gold rings.


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FAQs about Halo Rings

A halo ring has one centre stone surrounded by a row of smaller stones, often pavé-set diamonds. Halo rings can come in any shape, with the small diamonds following the lines of the main stone. This setting is ideal for diamond engagement rings, especially those with a smaller centre diamond. A halo setting increases the twinkle of the ring without overly elevating the price.

Halo rings are currently popular choices for engagement rings, anniversary gifts and self-bought jewellery. The glamour of a halo ring strikes a delicate chord between simple and intricate and gives each ring a custom feel. This one-of-a-kind essence is part of what makes halo ring settings so popular.

While halo rings make magnificent engagement rings, the setting isn't restricted to engagement rings only. The halo setting can be used for any type of ring, including birthstone rings, cocktail rings and three-stone rings.

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