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A pair of October birthstone stud earrings of smooth opal stones accented with lateral diamond detail in white gold
October Birthstone:


Every birth month is connected to a different gemstone. Those lucky enough to have an October birthday get to enjoy the mesmerizing opal as their birthstone. Opals are known for the range of shimmering colours that dance across their surface and create a striking optical effect. October’s birthstone is popular in necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more.
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A Galaxy in a Stone

Opal was admired by many cultures throughout the ancient world, each giving it a unique meaning. In Arabic lore, opals fell from heaven in the form of lightning, while the Greeks believed they could protect against disease and bestow the gift of prophecy. Opal's shifting rainbow of colours has inspired writers to compare it to volcanos, fireworks, galaxies and more.

Opal's Birthstone History

When people first began wearing the stones connected to their birth months in the 16th century, opal was selected as the original October birthstone. The National Association of Jewellers also chose opal as the modern October birthstone in 1912.

Historically, opals have been revered throughout many cultures. They have been linked to the symbolism of luck, love and even a person’s ever-changing moods. This October birthstone is often found in Australia, Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil and the United States.

October Birthstone Colour

Opal gemstones offer incredible colours and unique sparkle. October’s birthstone sparkles with a soft or translucent base colour that is accented by specks of colour dancing throughout the gem. This phenomenon, known as play-of-colour, makes every piece of opal gemstone jewellery extraordinary.

October Birthstone Meaning

Each birthstone has its own meaning and symbolism. Opals are associated with love, hope, faith, loyalty, purity and truth. Through its rainbow of colours, this gemstone is thought to reflect the mood of the wearer, to help release inhibitions and to enhance beauty. Some believe that opal symbolizes the virtues of all coloured gemstones, making it one of the luckiest gemstones to wear.

Opal’s Ties to October

There are many zodiac gemstones that are tied to star signs. While opals aren’t directly tied to the zodiac signs of people born in October, they do represent some of their characteristics. Libras, the first sign in October, are known for their ability to fit into any situation. Social shape-shifting Libras are well-represented by the colour-shifting-play offered by opals. The fiery passion of Scorpios is present in the glowing specks of colour that punctuate many October birthstones.

The Lucky Birthstone

Ancient Romans valued opals as stones of good luck. Opals are especially lucky as the October gemstone and are believed to bring good fortune to people who were born in this month.

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Gifting Inspiration for the October Birthstone

Celebrate a significant other, a family member or a close friend with a piece of opal jewellery that shows your appreciation. Our selection of opal birthstone gifts offers several options for many different occasions.

An Enchanting Statement of Love

An exquisite opal engagement ring makes an eye-catching, modern statement and can serve as a symbol of your love and devotion. Diamond accents or a full diamond halo bring out an opal's fire and a white gold band complements its kaleidoscopic colours.

Lavish Someone You Cherish

If a special someone's October birthday is approaching, you can't go wrong with an opulent opal necklace that showcases their birthstone. Our selection of opal pendants puts the gemstone's colourful sparkle on full display, in either a solitaire style or with small accent diamonds.

Gifts for Mom

An excellent option for your mom's birthday or for Mother's Day is a pair of elegant opal earrings. October's birthstone lends itself nicely to timeless styles that will pair easily with all of her favourite outfits.

Commemorate a Special Occasion

Important milestones like graduations, weddings, big promotions and the birth of a child deserve a gift that properly marks the occasion. An opal necklace or a pair of opal earrings make wonderful presents for commemorating significant life events.

Keep Your Opal Jewellery Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

  • Keep your opal jewellery in good condition with the right gemstone cleaning and care.
  • Opal is a gem that needs a bit of extra care but can last for decades when well looked-after.
  • Be sure to put it on last when getting ready and store it in a felt-lined jewellery box away from harder gems after taking it off.
  • Maintain the beautiful play-of-colour of your opal jewellery by giving it a regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap.
  • We also offer free cleaning and repair services for gemstone jewellery that needs an expert touch to restore its brilliance.

October Birthstone Buying Tips

When buying the colourful birthstone for October, it’s important to purchase from trustworthy jewellers to ensure you’re finding a high-quality gemstone. There are several types of opals to choose from, each bringing its own unique variations on this gem’s iconic play-of-colour. When buying October birthstone jewellery, consider these tips:
  1. 1
    Choose the colour that best fits your budget. Rarer October gemstone colours, such as black opals, will command higher prices than more commonly found varieties of this birthstone.
  2. 2
    Maximise budgets by mixing gemstones. If a large opal is out of the budget, consider adding additional gems into the mix, such as white sapphire. This can create a dynamic piece that adds additional sparkle while keeping your budget in mind.
  3. 3
    Pick a setting that strengthens the opal. October’s gemstone can be more fragile than other birthstones, so choose a setting type that’s best to protect the stone. This may include a bezel setting or a halo of other gems to encase the opal.
Purchasing enhanced October birthstones is a great way to enjoy a durable gem with incredible paly-of-colour. Enhancements may include colourless hardeners to improve the gem’s durability and colour. More translucent October opals may also receive backings to improve rigidity.

Additional October Birthstone

While opal has long reigned as the true October birthstone, some people are beginning to consider tourmaline a significant stone for the month. Tourmaline jewellery is an increasingly popular alternative to opal that offers beautiful pink hues and lasting styles.

Learn More About Gemstones

Opal jewellery makes a magical gift for someone you love or an excellent addition to your own fine jewellery collection. Learn more about gemstones and jewellery options in our comprehensive gemstone guide.

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