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Cluster Rings

Uniquely brilliant cluster rings bring instant style to any jewelry collection. Our gemstone and diamond cluster rings are available in gold or platinum, with designs fit for any occasion. Choose a cluster-style engagement ring, wedding band, right hand ring or classic everyday ring with clusters of gemstones. Our platinum and gold cluster rings are available in a wide range of designs, from diamond bands to statement rings with groupings of gemstones and diamonds.
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Cluster ring in 14k white gold wedding ring style featuring diamonds of mixed shapes and sizes

FAQs about Cluster Rings

What is a cluster ring?

Cluster rings are rings that feature diamonds or gemstones that have been set close together, often in a specific pattern. They're made from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum with diamonds as the most popular style. Gemstone cluster rings are also an emerging style of this ring. 

The namesake cluster setting of this ring brings many smaller diamonds or gemstones together to make a specific shape or design, often echoing the look of a larger gemstone for a lower price. Cluster rings are a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, cocktail rings and fashion designs.

Are there benefits to buying diamond cluster rings?

The cluster setting is a popular choice for many reasons. It brings the benefits of unique style along with more affordable prices than other rings. Because there are often multiple diamonds set closely together in a cluster ring, there’s also enhanced light performance with this jewelry.

Does this ring style contain gemstones?

Diamond cluster rings are the most popular option, but there are also styles that feature gemstones for a colorful cluster.

Why are cluster rings priced lower than other styles?

Rings in cluster styles are typically priced lower than toi et moi rings, three-stone rings or even solitaire rings. This is because jewelry-quality diamonds and gemstones are rarer in larger sizes and thus more expensive than smaller sizes. A cluster ring offers the opportunity to enjoy the look of a larger gemstone with the lower cost of smaller shapes.

What is cluster vs halo?

A halo ring typically features one row of diamonds or gemstones of uniform shapes and sizes in a linear or circular pattern. A cluster ring, on the other hand, can feature many different shapes and sizes of gemstones in an alternating or even non-uniform pattern.

When were cluster rings first popular?

These stylish rings saw serious popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian eras when their shapes often brought sweet floral motifs. In the Art Deco period, cluster rings were more geometric in design.

Are rings in cluster styles popular today?

Cluster rings have managed to maintain their popularity over the years, with many people seeking the benefits of modern cluster rings today. Current styles include engagement rings with clusters of side stones, bands that build gemstones together and fashion rings that showcase clusters of diamonds in unique patterns.

Can a cluster ring be an engagement ring?

A cluster ring can absolutely be an engagement ring. There are many cluster settings that feature one focal diamond encased in a cluster of other diamonds or gemstones.

Do rings with clusters of diamonds get dirty quickly?

Due to the unique shape and setting style of gemstone and diamond cluster rings, they may hold more dirt than other ring styles. A quick rinse or dip in our gentle jewelry cleaner can restore the brilliance of your cluster ring. A soft toothbrush or specialized jewelry cleaning brush can help remove any debris from the setting.

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