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Paperclip Necklaces

Sleek and sophisticated paperclip necklaces bring instant style to any jewelry collection. Add a warm yellow gold paperclip necklace to your own collection, give the gift of a radiant rose gold paperclip chain necklace or shop for trendy gemstone paperclip necklaces with diamonds and pearls. With varying necklace lengths, thicknesses and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect paperclip necklace for any occasion.
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FAQs about Paperclip Necklaces

What is a paperclip necklace?

The paperclip necklace gets its name from its resemblance to a chain of linked paperclips. These gorgeous necklaces are made from a chain of elongated oval or rectangular links, creating a striking yet minimalist aesthetic. They are identified by their signature elongated, narrow link shape of repeating rectangular pieces.

What designs are available?

Our paperclip necklaces are available in silver or gold, with chain only or pendant necklace designs. Choose a classic 14k gold paperclip necklace to dress up an everyday look, or opt for an elegant 18k gold and pearl paperclip necklace combination for special occasions. We offer gold paperclip necklaces in varying millimeter thicknesses so you can make any statement, big or small, with these trendy paperclip chains.

With our wide range of paperclip necklaces for sale, it’s easy to find a stylish choice for yourself or to give as a gift.

In addition to offering metal-only paperclip chain necklaces, we also offer styles with diamonds and gemstones such as pearls.  

Are paperclip necklaces popular?

These silver and gold necklaces in paperclip styles are incredibly popular. They offer timeless designs that are surprisingly on-trend, bringing chic shapes to classic chains. People of all ages can wear a paperclip necklace and feel confident in the popularity of this jewelry.

What does the paperclip necklace mean?

While they are beautiful, modern paperclip chains don't carry any inherent symbolic meaning. As with most chain styles, paperclip necklaces grew in popularity thanks to their aesthetic as opposed to any special spiritual or cultural significance. However, you can add meaning to or personalize your look by adding a pendant or a charm to your chain.

Antique and vintage jewelry with paperclip styles has been linked to symbolism of unity, pride and strength.  

How do you style a paperclip necklace?

Styling a paperclip chain is a piece of cake, as its simple design lends itself well to versatility. You can wear it on its own or as part of a necklace layering look. Whether you dress it up or down, a paperclip chain necklace will add a touch of chic sophistication.

For a matching look, consider pairing your paperclip necklace with a paperclip bracelet in a similar metal.  

Does a paperclip necklace make a good gift?

Instantly stylish and easy to coordinate paperclip necklaces make excellent gifts for any occasion. Give the gift of a gold paperclip necklace to celebrate a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

What is the best length for a paperclip necklace?

Paperclip chain necklaces are available in a wide range of lengths, with 18" and 16" as the most popular. For layering or lengthier styles to accommodate the full range of women’s and men’s jewelry, we also offer paperclip necklaces in larger sizes such as 24, 26" and 34". Visit our necklace guide to learn more about choosing the right chain length.

What metal is best for paperclip necklaces?

Gold paperclip necklaces are the most popular metal, with 14k leading choice for daily wear. We offer paperclip necklaces in 14k and 18k gold with rose gold, yellow gold and white gold to choose from. Silver paperclip necklaces are also an emerging trend. 

How do you clean a paperclip necklace?

You can restore the shine of your paperclip chain with a gentle jewelry cleaning solution or a few passes of a specialized cleaning cloth. Polishing cloths are perfect for making a paperclip necklace look its best.

Where can I find waterproof paperclip necklaces?

People in search of trendy waterproof jewelry can find their fit from our wide selection of gold paperclip necklaces. Our genuine gold paperclip chains are more durable and easier to care for than styles made from gold vermeil.

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