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Citrine Rings

Bright and sunny citrine rings add a colourful glow to any jewellery collection. Choose from a variety of metals and styles including multi-gemstone designs with citrines, diamond and citrine rings or a solitaire white gold citrine ring. Silver citrine rings are also available for a fashionable take on this gemstone. Great for gifting or just because, the perfect citrine ring is waiting.


4 Citrine Rings

FAQs about Citrine Rings

Citrine is a variety of quartz, which is why it has such excellent transparency and glistening appeal. It is a citrus-coloured gemstone that can range in hue from light yellow to reddish-orange. Citrine is also the November birthstone, making citrine rings a wonderful birthday gift for those born in the eleventh month of the year.

Our citrine gemstone rings offer affordable options for every budget, each with a gorgeous large gemstone in a precious metal band. Choose from sterling silver or white gold citrine rings depending on your budget and preferred ring style. Sterling silver is the more affordable of the two, but both make for stunning ring designs.

Citrine is a durable gemstone with fantastic wearability that you can incorporate into your everyday look. Just keep in mind that it's best to remove your citrine ring before activities like cleaning and gardening to prevent scratches and abrasions. A bit of care and careful wear will go a long way to keeping your cherished citrine ring shining brightly.

Due to its sunny hue, citrine has long been associated with joy and happiness. It has also come to symbolize vitality, health and prosperity, and is sometimes used to bring calm and soothe emotions. Some also wear citrine to help attract good luck.

Citrine is a 7 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness, making it a good fit for frequent wear. It is well-suited as a gemstone for rings including fashion rings or stacking styles.

Our collection of citrine rings includes styles in silver or gold. If you’re looking for a gold ring, you can choose our selection of white, rose or yellow gold citrine rings.

Citrine gemstones are priced lower than many other gems, making them an affordable choice. The ring’s metal, intricate designs and additional gemstones will influence its price.

A polishing cloth, jewellery cleaning solution or soapy water solution will help keep your citrine ring in sparkling shape.

Many people believe that wearing this gemstone will increase positivity and luck. It's a stylish gem that brings brightness to any jewellery wardrobe.

Many citrine ring styles are perfect as stacking rings. If you’re looking to include a citrine ring in your stack, we suggest choosing a design that’s complementing another larger gemstone. For stacking, we also suggest choosing a large solitaire citrine as a statement ring in your stack.

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