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Aquamarine Rings

Lucky are those born in March, for they belong to the tranquil tones of aquamarine. Aquamarine rings are clean, crisp and refreshing, breathing new life to your jewellery collection. Combined aquamarine and diamond rings are crystalline pieces ideal for promise rings and commemorating special moments.


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FAQs about Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarines are more commonly found than other stones like rubies, so they are much more affordable. Depending on the colour and clarity of an aquamarine ring, the price may vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands dollars.

An aquamarine and diamond ring is a trendy alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring. By choosing an aquamarine as your centre stone and adding smaller diamonds as accents, you can get a bigger, more dazzling ring on a smaller budget. With their close ties to the sea in both colour and name, aquamarine engagement rings are also an excellent choice for travel enthusiasts and nature lovers.

If you purchase one of our aquamarine rings, you already know that your stone is authentic. However, if you're curious about the authenticity of a ring you already own, there are a few ways you can check the this. First, observe the stone closely. A true aquamarine won't contain any bubbles or air pockets. Next, examine the exterior of the stone. Aquamarines rank at an 8/10 on the Mohs scale, and as such, are difficult to scratch. A highly scuffed aquamarine may actually be tinted glass. Lastly, hold the stone against the back of your hand—a real aquamarine will feel slightly cooler than room temperature.

With their serene colour and relative affordability, aquamarine rings are popular in modern jewellery. Trendy designs include layered white gold rings with pavé-set aquamarines and single-stone cushion cut cocktail rings. Whether the aquamarine sits alone or is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, pairing the ocean-blue stone with a rose gold setting is oh-so-fashionable.

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