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Classic Setting

As timeless as love itself, classic engagement rings honor tradition and look stunning on any hand. Shop our leading variety of classic engagement ring styles including customizable rings that draw on enduring designs. Choose from precious metals including platinum and gold completed with the perfect diamond. When you start with a classic design, you can rest assured it will be en vogue for a lifetime.
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Classic Engagement Ring

FAQs about Classic Setting

What is a classic engagement ring?

A classic engagement ring features simple design details that allow it to hold up to the test of time. There's nothing more classic than a round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring, but infinity and pavé engagement rings also make a sparkling, time-tested choice.

What shape diamonds should I choose for a classic engagement ring?

The most classic and most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut diamond, but oval and emerald cut diamonds are classic, vintage-inspired choices, too.

What metal should I choose for a classic engagement ring?

When it comes to traditionally classic engagement rings, white gold and yellow gold are the clear winners. Platinum engagement rings offer the same bright look of white gold but are far more durable.

Do wedding bands come with a classic engagement ring?

No. Wedding bands are not included with the engagement ring, but many engagement ring designs do offer matching wedding bands that you can select at the same time to create a perfect set.

What style of engagement ring is timeless?

A straightforward metal band, such as gold or platinum, paired with a focal point diamond is one of the most classic style engagement rings. But other styles are also perfect for timeless wear. Classic engagement ring styles focus on designs with staying power rather than the latest trends.

How much should you spend on a ring?

There’s no specific price point to focus on when considering how much to spend on an engagement ring. The right ring is one that meets your budget and your partner's style.

Which metals are best for this style?

White gold and platinum are some of the most classic metals for these rings. But yellow gold also brings ageless style. For a ring that calls on classic engagement ring styles with less-traditional colors, choose a rose gold ring in these popular designs.

Are classic engagement rings better than other styles?

There are many types of rings to choose from and each brings its own style. From classic rings to unique engagement rings, each design has its own beauty. No single ring is “better” than another, but instead different. If your partner prefers classic looks, these rings may be their best fit. If they prefer an unconventional style, other rings may be a better option for them.

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