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Blue Topaz Rings

Blue topaz rings always beguile with a stunning array of blue hues set in silver or gold bands. Blue topaz shines brilliantly as a solitaire gem but is often paired with accent diamonds for extra sparkle or gemstones like peridot and aquamarine to bring out its rich colour.


3 Blue Topaz Rings

FAQs about Blue Topaz Rings

Blue topaz is the gemstone of wisdom and knowledge, and it is thought to enhance creativity, dispel sadness and anger and help cultivate inner strength. It is also associated with abundance, health and long life. As blue topaz is the December birthstone, blue topaz rings are an exquisite birthday gift for those born that month.

Rated an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, blue topaz is a good gemstone for everyday wear. However, it isn't resistant to scratching and chipping and should be worn with care. It is best to remove blue topaz rings before activities that require your hands and to store them safely in a felt-lined jewellery box when the day is done.

Blue topaz jewellery is affordably priced compared to blue gemstones like aquamarine and sapphire while rivaling their depth and richness of colour. Sterling silver blue topaz rings are available for around three hundred dollars, while blue topaz rings in gold with diamond accents can cost up to two thousand dollars.

London blue topaz is a popular blue topaz colour variation. It has a grayish-blue hue that's darker than other topaz colour variations but lighter than a sapphire. Our London blue topaz rings come in sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold bands, all of which beautifully complement the dark blue colour.

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