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Engravable Bracelets

Engravable bracelets make a cherished custom gift for someone special. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or another exciting occasion, a personalised bracelet with meaningful engravings makes a one-of-a-kind gift. Our gold and silver engravable bracelets are an ideal gift or the perfect piece to give to yourself. For a custom bracelet style, choose a shining engraved bracelet with a monogram, initials, coordinates, words of affirmation or a special date. Your meaningful message will make this jewellery stand out.


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FAQs about Engravable Bracelets

Engraving a bracelet is an affordable way to give your present a special touch. The cost depends on the type of engraving style you choose. The shorter the message, the lower the cost will be. Engravable bracelets can be customized with a monogram or initials for a small cost on top of the bracelet price. Longer messages are also surprisingly affordable, though they may cost more than a shorter engraving. To determine the exact cost of engraving a message on your bracelet, simply add the engraving at checkout.

Our engravable bracelets are available in sterling silver and gold designs, with the option to choose between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Gold engravable bracelets have a timeless appeal and a rich, warm colour tone that will elevate any look. Sterling silver engravable bracelets are a more affordable and equally beautiful option featuring a polished finish for extra shine.

Yes, many bracelets in gold and silver are perfect for engraving.

Added personalisation is the biggest benefit of bracelet engravings. Custom bracelets with special messages bring extra meaning to this jewellery. Engraving is a symbolic addition to an everyday style.

Depending on the size of the area to be engraved, several customizations are available. We offer different font options along with upper or lowercase characters to help your message shine.

Our women’s and men’s engravable bracelets are often ready for shipping within several days. To calculate the exact delivery date for your purchase, review your cart at checkout.

Personalised bracelets are a meaningful jewellery choice that’s unique to the wearer. If you’re giving an engraved bracelet as bridesmaid jewellery or a graduation gift, engraving the name of your gift recipient is a great option. Purchasing an engraved bracelet for your partner? Adding a special date, such as your wedding date, makes this jewellery especially meaningful. Other options for personalisation include initials, coordinates related to special moments, words of affirmation, children’s names or other engravings that are symbolic to the wearer.

Engraved bracelets are a wonderful option for gifting! They bring traditional jewellery beauty along with the added touch of personalised meaning.

Absolutely! Bracelets with engravings make great gifts, but they’re also a wonderful choice to buy for yourself.

Bracelets with a flat surface are best suited for this type of personalisation. Gold and silver are ideal metals for engraving as they offer an engravable surface but one that will maintain the special message that’s been added.

Looking to pair an engraved bracelet with other styles? This metal-forward bracelet style looks ideal with other textures and colours. For a complementary arm stack, pair your engraved bracelet alongside a diamond bracelet or twisted bangle bracelet.

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