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A March birthstone eternity band of round brilliant-cut aquamarines pavé-set in white gold
March Birthstone:


Exuding an ethereal, oceanic beauty, March’s birthstone, aquamarine has captivated the world throughout history. With a range from crystalline blue and cyan to pastel shades, it evokes images of tranquil waters and the purity of the sea. Delve into this enchanting gemstone to discover its majestic history and symbolism and find inspiration for gifting beautiful aquamarine jewellery to your special someone.
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The Stone of the Sea

The name aquamarine signifies the sea itself, originating from the Roman words “aqua,” which means water, and “mare” which means sea water. Holding sacred meaning to Neptune, the god of the sea, Romans believed aquamarines were born from the bejeweled caskets of his sea sirens as they emerged upon the shore.

Aquamarine's Birthstone History

Because its deep associations with the ocean, the aquamarine birthstone is known as the sailors’ gem, promising ancient mariners safe and fruitful journeys at sea. During World War II, the U.S. navy commissioned a coastal patrol yacht, naming it the USS Aquamarine as tribute to the beloved gemstone and its ties to the ocean. A favourite among royals and nobility as well, aquamarine was particularly treasured by Queen Elizabeth II who chose to wear a pair of stunning aquamarine earrings at her coronation in 1953.

The Spirit of Tranquility and Vitality

Birthstone meanings are often a little more modern than the gemstone’s historical meaning. March’s birthstone encompasses the spirit of the ocean in its current context, representing both the exhilaration of crashing waves and the serenity of calmer tides. Many believe that it inspires understanding and deep communication between people, also bestowing courage and bravery upon its wearer. A stone of truth and protection, aquamarine guards against evil thoughts and invokes creativity while heightening wisdom and intellect. Aquamarine inspires its wearer to feel as relaxed as the lolling of gentle sea waters, encouraging a spirit of compassion and kindness.

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Gifting Inspiration for the March Birthstone

Treat someone you love—or yourself!—to some of the dazzling aquamarine jewellery we offer. These ideas will help you select a gift that will be cherished for generations.

Enchant a Special Someone

With its mesmerizing allure, the aquamarine jewellery makes a gorgeous gift for somebody special, whether or not they were born in the month of March. Associated with love, hope, and protection, aquamarine is the gemstone that celebrates the 19th wedding anniversary, making it an exquisite gift to commemorate your special day.

Some couples even choose an aquamarine engagement ring as a beautiful alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring. Make your love last forever with a March birthstone engagement ring, featuring a stunning aquamarine and shimmering pavé diamonds. A milgrain halo ring exudes a romantic vintage quality, while a square cushion-cut offers a chic, contemporary appeal.

For A Birthday

Beguile your loved one on their birthday with an aquamarine necklace personalised with their March birthstone. A pear shaped aquamarine and diamond necklace is a breathtaking option to impress on special occasions, while an aquamarine and micro pavé diamond halo pendant necklace radiates a delicate beauty, perfect for everyday elegance.

Gifts for Mom

Enthrall your mom on Mother's Day with an impressive pair of aquamarine and diamond earrings. Whether accompanied by other gemstones or in a solitaire stud design, she will love the resplendence and beauty of aquamarine earrings.

Make Special Occasions Magical

Celebrate a milestone birthday, special achievements, or even life’s smaller occasions with the stunning gift of aquamarine jewellery. Dazzle your child on their graduation day with the classic charm of an aquamarine infinity link bracelet. Make the most of a meaningful event with the delicate beauty of an aquamarine stationed bezel-set bracelet.

Keep Your Aquamarine Jewellery Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

  • With a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, aquamarine has the durability to be worn everyday, but it should be treated with proper care to maintain its beauty and prevent scratches.
  • With warm water and mild soap, gently scrub your aquamarine jewellery with a toothbrush to remove any dirt, dust or grime.
  • We are happy to offer complimentary cleaning and repair services with your purchase. Learn more about how to care for gemstone jewellery in our helpful guide.

Learn More About Gemstones

Aquamarine is a popular choice among the birthstone jewellery we offer. Learn about other gemstones and choose a piece of stunning jewellery to love, and admire for years to come.

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