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Ruby Necklaces

Vivid hues ranging from dark pinks to bold reds make a ruby necklace a powerful choice for your next statement piece. Rich ruby link necklaces will charm for generations to come, while ruby and diamond necklaces make for show-stopping accessories.


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FAQs about Ruby Necklaces

The rarity and deep hue of rubies have long symbolized nobility and wealth. They have also been considered the stone of love, passion and energy. Rubies are also the July birthstone, and ruby necklaces make an excellent gift choice for those born in this month.

Rubies are tough enough to be worn every day with little fear of damage. Since the stone ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and it does not have a propensity to break when struck, the red jewel is a great choice as a daily accessory.

Rubies are rare stones that can cost hundreds of dollars, but often cost tens of thousands of dollars. The quality of the cut of the ruby, the size, carat and the colour will all influence the cost of the stone. Additionally, adding more rubies or other fine stones to the necklace will also increase the cost.

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