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A November birthstone bracelet of twenty-eight round citrine gemstones rimmed in sterling silver miglrain halos
November Birthstone:


Prized for its yellow hues and effervescent shine, sunny citrine is the birthstone for November. Citrine is a type of quartz named after the French word for lemon. Its colour range includes a variety of citrusy tones, from reddish-orange to light yellow. This gemstone’s fantastic transparency gives it a glistening appeal for excellent wearability in birthstone jewellery.
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The Bright and Cheery Gem

Every gemstone has a special meaning. The warm colours of citrine have made citrine a popular gemstone for jewellery throughout history, with its bright hue regarded as a symbol of joy. It has been found in Greek ornaments, Roman jewellery and Victorian-era jewellery.

Citrine's Birthstone History

Citrine was often mistaken for yellow topaz because of their very similar appearances. Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November, and the National Association of Jewellers added citrine as a modern birthstone in 1912.

A Bringer of Health and Happiness

In addition to being a symbol of happiness, the birthstone meaning of citrine also includes health, vitality, prosperity and good fortune. Like topaz, citrine is known to have a calming energy that soothes tempers and promotes a balanced mood. It can also be used to help the wearer get through difficult situations and protect them against bad luck.

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Gifting Inspiration for the November Birthstone

Citrine jewellery is a lovely gift brimming with positive associations. If you are shopping for a special someone, this cheerful gemstone will certainly make their day and become a cherished keepsake.

A Joyful Engagement Ring

Citrine is a unique and beautiful choice for an engagement ring. The gemstone's golden sparkle instantly catches the eye, and it’s often accented by smaller diamonds for an extra touch of brilliance. A citrine engagement ring makes a fitting symbol for the beginning of a happy life together.

A Meaningful Birthday Present

Find the perfect gift for someone born in November in the form of a stunning citrine pendant necklace that displays their gorgeous yellow birthstone. The gem shines just as brightly in a white gold, yellow gold or silver setting.

Gifts for Mom

A pair of citrine earrings or a multi-gemstone hoop makes a thoughtful Mother's Day or birthday gift for mom. The honey-yellow hues mixed with decadent spring colours will effortlessly complement her wardrobe.

Celebrate an Achievement

Gemstone jewellery is a fitting way to mark life's many milestones. Congratulate a friend or family member on their graduation, promotion, wedding or any other important occasion with a pair of charming citrine earrings.

Keep Your Citrine Jewellery Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

  • Citrine is a durable gemstone that wears well with some proper gemstone care and cleaning.
  • It’s safe to clean using warm, soapy water and a soft brush. When you aren't wearing it, store your citrine jewellery in a felt-lined jewellery box to keep it in great condition.
  • If your citrine jewellery is ever in need of repairs or a thorough cleaning, our free cleaning and repair services will have it restored, shining and ready for many more years of wear.

Learn More About Gemstones

The joyful symbolism and visual appeal of citrine make it a wonderful choice for personal adornment. Learn about other gemstones and jewellery options in our gemstone guide.

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