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Gold Chains

Gold chain necklaces are a fashionable choice to update any outfit. A standout favorite worn on their own or in layers for a contemporary look, our gold chains are expertly crafted to the highest standard in 14k and 18k gold. Find the perfect yellow, white or rose gold chain.
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FAQs about Gold Chains

What is the minimum price of a gold chain?

Our gold chains start at a cost of $365 for 14k and $415 for 18k. A gold chain price will depend on the weight, karat and styling of the chain.

What gold is the strongest for chains?

We use 14 and 18 karat gold in our gold jewelry. 14k gold is equivalent to 58.3% gold and is the most durable for everyday wear. 14k gold chains strike a good balance between beauty and affordability. 18 karat is equal to 75.0% gold and is considered to be the luxury end of fine jewelry. 18k gold chains are best for special occasion pieces.

Can gold chains get wet?

Yes, real gold chains can get wet. Wearing your gold jewelry in the shower or tub will not damage it. We do recommend taking your jewelry off before swimming in the pool or ocean as saltwater and chlorine can cause damage to real gold.

Where can I buy real gold chains?

Real gold chains can be purchased from reputable jewelers. We're proud to offer a leading selection of real gold chains featuring 14k and 18k gold.

How do I clean gold chains?

Gold chains can be cleaned with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning solution.

What’s the difference between gold chains for men and women?

Gold chains for men are typically thicker chains, such as Cuban chains. Men’s gold chains are generally highly polished and can feature interesting links, textures or gemstones such as diamonds. Gold chains for women are typically thinner than men’s gold chains. Women’s gold chains may include pendants, gemstones or graduated styles for a dynamic look. Of course, there are no set rules on which gold chains can be worn by men and which can be worn by women. Your personal style preference and budget will help determine which gold chain is your best fit. Chains are available for men in women in several gold colors including white, rose and yellow gold.

Do gold chains make good gifts?

Gold chain necklaces make the perfect gift for a loved one, friend, coworker or family member. They’re popular gifts to mark birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments and graduations as well. The timeless appeal of gold chains makes them a gift the recipient will cherish for years to come.

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