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Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are modern pieces that complement minimalistic style flawlessly. Gold threader earrings made from 14k gold hang beautifully and rose gold threader earrings are at the top of contemporary fashion trends.


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FAQs about Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are elegant accessories that are aptly named, as they consist of a thin chain or bar that is threaded through your ear piercing. The earring sits halfway through your lobe so the jewelry adorns both the front and back of your ear.

Threader earrings are perfectly safe to wear. Similar to the dangling shape of teardrop earrings, they hang naturally below your earlobe and don't cause any obstruction to your daily activities.

String earrings are a type of threader earring. They offer a simple design, usually featuring a delicate chain that is pulled through the ear. They can feature subtle details like chain-and-bar combinations, or gemstone touches like chic pearls.

If you choose to sleep in your earrings, you may find threader earrings the most comfortable style to wear to bed. The low-profile design and lack of a sharp backing makes these lightweight earrings unobtrusive when you're lying down. However, to preserve the integrity of your jewelry and properly care for it, we recommend removing your earrings before heading to bed.

Threader earrings are impressively on-trend. From the runways to Hollywood's biggest stars, the most fashion-savvy individuals are adopting the contemporary look of threader earrings.

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