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Threader Earrings

Effortlessly chic threader earrings complement any jewelry ensemble. Explore gold threader earrings with unique designs and gemstones such as diamonds or pearls. Bring a touch of shine to everyday styles with silver threader earrings that dangle perfectly. Whether they’re gold, silver or they’re adorned with gemstones, threader earrings are at the top of today’s fashion trends.
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Threader Earrings

FAQs about Threader Earrings

What are threader earrings?

Threader earrings, also called ear threaders, are long earrings that consist of a thin chain or bar that slides through your ear piercing. The earring sits halfway through your lobe, so the jewelry adorns both the front and back of your ear.

Are threader earrings safe?

Threader earrings are perfectly safe to wear. Similar to the dangling shape of drop earrings, they hang naturally below your earlobe and don't cause any obstruction to your daily activities. Instead of hanging on only one side of your ear, these earrings are designed to thread through the lobe and safely hang on both sides of your ear for an elegant look.

What are string earrings?

String earrings are a type of threader earring. They offer a simple design, usually featuring a delicate chain that is pulled through the earlobe. They can feature subtle details like chain-and-bar combinations, or gemstone touches like chic pearls. The chain-focused design makes these slinky earrings perfect for weaving through single or multiple piercings in the same ear.

Can you sleep in threader earrings?

The lightweight design of silver and gold threader earrings makes them a tempting choice for wearing to bed, but you may want to take these delicate earrings out before going to sleep. To preserve the integrity of your jewelry and properly care for it, we recommend removing your ear threaders before heading to bed.

Are threader earrings in style?

Threader earrings are impressively on-trend. From the runways to Hollywood's biggest stars, the most fashion-savvy individuals are adopting the contemporary look of threader earrings.

How do you wear threader earrings?

To put on a pair of threader earrings, simply push one end of the earring through your ear piercing until the earring comfortably rests on either side of your earlobe. Typically, there are curves or designs that indicate the location of the middle of the earring. The middle is most commonly the part of the earring that should rest in your ear piercing, with each side dangling. If the earrings have different designs for each side, the more ornate or gemstone-focused side is generally the one you will want to wear on the outside of your earlobe farther from your neck. Straightforward metal gold or silver threader earrings can often be worn in either direction. When in doubt, wear your threader earrings in any direction that's comfortable, as they lend to more flexible styling.

Do these kinds of earrings pull on your earlobes?

Designed for lightweight wear, threader earrings should not pull on your earlobes.

How do threader earrings work?

These earrings are a unique take on dangling designs. Rather than relying on a traditional clasp or backing, threading earrings forgo those designs and instead use one continuous thread of metal to create the earring. The long design of these earrings makes them safely and comfortably dangle from the earlobe.

What designs are available?

Whether you’re searching for plain metal silver threader earrings or diamond drop 14k gold threader earrings, you’ll be sure to find your fit among our selection. We offer various designs of threading earrings including styles in gold or silver with added gemstones such as pearls or diamonds. Whether you choose plain metal designs or threader earrings with stones, you’re sure to find a chic pair perfect for any occasion.

Are threader earrings comfortable?

Lightweight threader earrings are one of the most comfortable options for frequent wear. If you enjoy other dangling earring styles, such as gold hoops, you will find threaders very comfortable.

How do you put these earrings on?

To put on a pair of threading earrings, simply slide the earring through your lobe until you reach halfway through the design. The threader earring should rest comfortably on your earlobe.

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