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Bar Earrings

Stylish bar earrings bring chic shapes to any look. Choose from silver and gold bar earrings set as studs or drops. Plain metal designs bring a unique shape to everyday styles while dramatic diamond, pearl or gemstone bar earrings offer sparkle for special occasions. Find the perfect bar earrings for yourself or for a gift among our large selection of gold and silver designs.
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Bar Earrings

FAQs about Bar Earrings

What are bar earrings?

Just as the name sounds, bar earrings are characterized by their rectangular bar-shaped design. The bar is typically fairly short and bar earrings come in a wide selection of styles that incorporate the bar element in different ways. For example, some bars sit in the ear as a stud while others dangle by a chain below the earlobe.

What's the difference between bar earrings and rod earrings?

Bar earrings and rod earrings differ mainly in terms of size. Rod earrings have a much larger rod size compared to the shorter and more understated length of bar earrings. Bar earrings tend to be more versatile and elegant, while rod earrings have flashier appeal.

Can bar earrings be worn every day?

With a design for every occasion, there's no reason why you can't enjoy wearing bar earrings every day! Bar stud earrings can be used to complement any casual ensemble while diamond or pearl bar earrings are a wonderful choice for special events and formal settings. Bar drop earrings can also lend your cocktail party look a glamorous touch.

How do you wear bar earrings?

Silver and gold bar earrings can be worn on their own or paired with other styles. When worn on their own as studs, the bar can be worn vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. Bar drop earrings, on the other hand, are most commonly worn vertically.

What are bar drop earrings?

Bar drops differ from bar stud earrings with dangling designs. While studs sit directly on the earlobe, bar drop earrings dangle below the ear.

What designs are available?

We offer a variety of designs including styles set in gold or silver. For studs, additional gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires bring sparkle to the pair. Bar drops often include pearls or chandelier chain designs for a dramatic look.

Can you stack these with other earrings?

The sleek profile of bar-shaped earrings makes them perfect for stacking with other styles. If you have multiple piercings and would like to incorporate a unique stacked style, pair your bar stud earrings with matching metals such as gold earrings. Silver bar earrings in stud designs can be paired with silver hoops for complementary styles.

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