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Front Back Earrings

Earrings with front and back design elements are known as front back earrings. Enjoy eye-catching style from extra angles with front back earrings featuring diamonds, pearls and other gemstones. Shop gold and silver front back earrings with hoops, dangling pairs, unique stud backings and more. Front back earrings are popular pairs for any occasion.
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Sterling silver front back earrings with pearls

FAQs about Front Back Earrings

What are front back earrings?

This jewelry style describes earrings with design elements on both the front and back of the earrings, creating a dynamic look on either side of the ear when this jewelry is worn. Front and back earrings often include threaded loops, hoop wraps, decorative stud backings, dangling designs that hang from the back of the earring or other embellished closure types for style from any direction.

Are earrings with decorative backings popular?

Front back earrings are popular for people of all ages. Designs with shorter lengths, such as studs with decorative backings, are excellent for daily wear. Larger pairs, such as dangling designs or large hoops with front back details are excellent for formal occasions.

What are the benefits of front back earrings?

Earrings with front back designs bring an added touch of instant glamour to any outfit.

Can you sleep with front back earrings on?

It is not recommended to wear these kinds of earrings while sleeping as they can easily get caught.

What designs are available?

We offer a wide selection of front back earrings in fine jewelry designs. Explore our selection of silver and gold front back earrings with pieces that incorporate today’s trendiest looks. We also offer pairs that feature gemstones including diamonds, pearls, sapphires and topaz. 

Choose a pair of front back hoops that feature gemstones along the inside for that perfect sparkle. Wear a set of front back pearl earrings that bring a lustrous glow. Opt for an on-trend front back style with threader earrings that showcase a pearl in the front and a long strand of shining yellow gold on the reverse side. 

Our wide selection of front and back earrings includes 14k gold and 18k gold styles in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. We also offer silver pairs of front back styles.

Can you match these with other earrings?

It's easy to match front back earrings with other styles. If you’re looking to wear multiple pairs at once, coordinate your front back earrings with a simpler pair so these standout styles can shine. Sets such as bar earrings and stud knot earrings let the front back styles shine when worn together.

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