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Four Prong Engagement Rings

Four-prong engagement rings feature a raised setting for the center diamond. The setting features four prongs extending up from the band to securely hold the center diamond and offers a stylish, modern look that's ideal for a solitaire engagement ring or an east-west engagement ring. Shop our full selection of four-prong diamond engagement rings, and customize the look by selecting your center stone and ring metal.
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Four Prong Engagement Rings

FAQs about Four Prong Engagement Rings

What are 4-prong engagement rings?

Four-prong engagement rings use four prongs to secure the diamond, which is raised above the band.

What shape diamonds does a four-prong setting support?

Four-prong engagement rings can hold any of our different diamond shapes, including round, princess, Asscher, emerald, oval, and more.

Is a 4-prong engagement ring or a 6-prong engagement ring better?

Four-prong engagement ring settings provide a clean and contemporary look, and they cover less of the diamond's surface area, but six-prong engagement settings offer a more secure hold. If a prong is damaged in a six-prong setting, you're less likely to lose the center diamond.

Are four-prong and six-prong settings the only setting options?

No. Bezel settings are also available.

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