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Engravable Engagement Rings

Honor your love in a thoughtful way by shopping our extensive collection of engravable engagement rings, and personalize your selection with a sweet message—a lyric from “your” song, a snippet of poetry, or a word about your love. Many of our custom-engraved engagement rings offer coordinating wedding bands to complete the set.
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FAQs about Engravable Engagement Rings

What do you engrave in an engagement ring?

There are many engraving ideas for engagement rings, including special dates or other messages. Some of our favorite engraving ideas for engagement rings include a pet name, a quote, a song lyric, the date you met or coordinates that are special to your relationship. Whether you’re working with engravings for the engagement ring, wedding ring engravings or a combination of the two, there are many different options. The limit is your imagination--and what fits inside the ring.

Are there different fonts available for engagement engraving?

There are a few different font options and engraving styles to choose from. Roman font is the most popular for our custom engraved rings as it is typically the most legible long-term.

How much does engraving a ring cost?

At Blue Nile, our custom engraved rings are available for a small additional cost above the ring’s standard price. Engraving typically costs a minimal amount, though more complex engravings may cost more.

What are timeless engraved engagement ring ideas?

When it comes to adding a special message to a ring, timeless sentiments will vary from couple to couple. Choose an engraving that means something special to you and your loved one, such as a special date or phrase that’s significant to your relationship.

Does engraving devalue a ring?

Engagement and wedding ring engravings are very unique, and the engraved message may not mean as much in resale situations. But, if ever needed, engravings can be easily removed by a professional jeweler.

Are some rings too small to be engraved?

Some rings may not be thick enough to support a legible engraving. Many rings that are 2mm thick and above can be engraved.

Which metals support engravings?

You can create custom engraved rings using metals including silver, platinum or gold. These metals can often be safely inscribed with lasting messages.

How do I know if a ring is engravable?

At Blue Nile, our engravable rings are easy to find. You can directly browse our collection of engravable styles or check on a ring’s customization qualities when you’ve added it to your cart.

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