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A July birthstone band of alternating ruby and diamond gemstones pavé-set in platinum
July Birthstone:


One of the world's most highly prized gemstones, the deep red ruby is the birthstone for those born in July. This striking birthstone is the red-hued variation of the mineral corundum, bringing impressive wearability and beauty. July’s birthstone is believed to represent wealth, passion and inspiration.
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The Ancient Queen of Gems

July’s birthstone has been a beloved gemstone among many cultures for its vivid and alluring colour. In ancient India, ruby was known as the "king of gems" for its rarity, beauty and hardness. Burmese warriors wore rubies into battle to make themselves invincible, and Medieval Europeans donned them to help ensure success in love.

Ruby's Birthstone History

A favored gem throughout time and across cultures, rivaless ruby has been both the traditional and modern birthstone for July. Ruby's status was cemented officially as the July birthstone in 1912 when the National Association of Jewellers released the modern birthstone list.

July Birthstone Meaning

The crimson colour of the ruby has long connected the stone to passion, devotion and energy. Many cultures have viewed it as a symbol of life itself and used it as a talisman for attracting good health and prosperity. The modern birthstone meaning of the ruby also includes wisdom to help guide the wearer on the right path.

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Gifting Inspiration for the July Birthstone

Ruby jewellery is a thoughtful and meaningful present that any recipient is sure to cherish. The ravishing ruby is a statement-making stone that always leaves a big impact, making it the perfect gift for many special occasions.

A Symbol of Your Adoration

The red ruby is a deeply romantic gemstone that looks stunning in an engagement ring. The gemstone’s dramatic red colour symbolizes love and its luminous sparkle instantly catches the eye. Rubies are often paired with accent diamonds to further enhance the shine and brilliance of a ruby engagement ring, and they are available in a variety of settings.

A Birthstone Birthday Gift

Celebrate a July birthday with a breathtaking pair of ruby earrings that let the recipient show off their striking birthstone in style. Find everything from timeless studs and elegant drop earrings to bold hoops and extravagant ruby and diamond cluster earrings.

Gifts for Mom

A gleaming ruby necklace is an excellent gift for Mother's Day, serving as an expression of your love and gratitude. Our selection includes pendant-style necklaces with a central ruby accented by diamonds, as well as graduated ruby and diamond necklaces with several scintillating stones

Celebrate Someone Special

Ruby jewellery in all styles and designs is a wonderful present for important occasions like graduations, weddings, anniversaries and other major events. Give the gift of a ruby necklace, a pair of ruby earrings or an exquisite ruby bracelet to mark any milestone.

Keep Your Ruby Jewellery Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

  • Maintaining the colour and shimmer of your ruby jewellery requires some simple and routine gemstone care.
  • A soak in warm and soapy water followed by a gentle scrub with a soft brush will get it cleaned right up.
  • Over time, your jewellery may need a deeper cleaning or some small repairs.
  • Thoroughly rinse your ruby jewellery and then pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.
  • We provide free cleaning and repair services to restore your gemstone jewellery and keep you wearing it for years to come.

Ruby’s Birthstone Connections

Like many gemstones, the birthstone for July is formed underground in high heat and immense pressure. This makes rubies a great birthstone for July, representing the warm summer month in their very formation. July’s stone also represents the love and loyalty of this month’s zodiac signs, Cancer and Leo.

Different Ruby Shades

Deep, rich red is the most popular July birthstone colour. Rubies come in a wide range of red-focused shades including colours closer to dark pinks and red-hued purples. The deeper red rubies are some of the rarest and most sought-after options of July birthstones. Rubies do not come in the colour blue, as blue rubies are actually sapphires.

July Birthstone Wearability

Ringing in at a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, July’s birthstone ruby is exceptional for daily wear. It's difficult to scratch and stands up well to settings in rings, earrings, necklaces or other styles.

Learn More About Gemstones

Whether you’re looking for yourself or searching for a gift for someone you love, the radiant ruby makes a brilliant addition to any jewellery collection. Learn about more gemstones and the beautiful jewellery options they offer.

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