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K Color Diamonds

K color diamonds fall within the faint color category, providing a slight warm yellow tone. This hue makes K colored diamonds a budget-friendly choice, and a yellow gold setting enhances their tone. This color grade is the most affordable of all the options sold at Blue Nile. Shop our K color diamonds, which make a lovely choice for earrings and pendants with smaller stones.
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K Color Diamond

FAQs about K Color Diamonds

What are K color-grade diamonds?

K color grade diamonds are the highest color grade stones within the faint color category. They offer a very slight yellow hue that makes them a great choice for yellow gold settings.

Are faint-color diamonds good?

Colorless diamonds and near colorless diamonds are more expensive than faint color diamonds. K color grade diamonds offer a tone difference so slight you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a K-grade stone and a J-grade stone if you viewed them side by side. This makes a K-grade diamond a much better value for the price than a J-grade diamond.

Is color more visible in larger stones?

With many cuts, yes. If you are purchasing a stone of one-carat weight or more, Blue Nile generally recommends an H color grade or higher, but there are no hard-and-fast rules.

Does color naturally occur in diamonds?

It is very rare to find a diamond that doesn't have any color at all, which is why colorless diamonds are so expensive. The vast majority of diamonds have some level of naturally occurring color.

What settings are popular for K color diamonds?

K color diamonds can be found in engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond jewelry such as necklaces or earrings. 

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