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J Color Diamonds

Balance value and quality when you shop for J color grade diamonds from Blue Nile. Although these diamonds do contain a very faint yellow color, you won't be able to detect it with the naked eye. As you shop for J color diamonds, keep in mind that a yellow gold setting will enhance the warm look of the stone.
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J Color Diamond

FAQs about J Color Diamonds

What are J color-grade diamonds?

J color diamonds fall within the near colorless category. A color grade J diamond features a faint yellow hue that's not noticeable by the eye unless it’s next to another stone of a higher color grade.

Are J color diamonds good?

Diamonds in the color J and similar near colorlessness gradings offer incredible value for their quality. They aren't as expensive as colorless diamonds, but they still provide a beautiful look.

Does the color grade of the diamond affect the price of the diamond?

Yes. Carat, cut, color, and clarity all affect a diamond's price. If you're trying to work within a budget, consider getting a near colorless or colorless diamond in a fancy shape instead of a traditional round cut. Doing so can save you up to 25 percent.

What are the different diamond color grades?

At Blue Nile, we offer D–K color grade diamonds. The diamond color scale grading system also includes L–Z color grade diamonds, but you won't find these here at Blue Nile, as their quality does not meet our standards.

What does J mean in a diamond?

Diamonds receive grading for many of their features, including their colorless qualities. J diamonds are part of the “near colorless” scale, meaning that they have a slight yellow hue that’s typically difficult to see. This makes J diamonds a great value as they are priced lower than more colorless diamonds yet their slight coloration is generally not seen, especially with the unaided eye.

Is a J diamond too yellow?

Though J diamonds generally contain a yellow hue, that coloration is difficult to see in most jewelry settings. Paring J diamonds with gemstones of similar hues will help the diamonds appear at their very best. If a J diamond is paired with a more colorless diamond, the J diamond’s color may be more noticeable. This is why most J diamonds are added in solitaire settings or they are set with other J diamonds.

What setting style is best for these kinds of diamonds?

J diamonds often look their best in yellow gold settings to call on the stone’s warmer qualities. They are typically set with other J diamonds in wedding rings or set as solitaire gemstones in engagement rings.

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