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I Color Diamonds

Enjoy near-colorless beauty by shopping for I color grade diamonds. These diamonds offer a great quality for the price, and the color is not discernible to the eye unless viewed in direct comparison with diamonds of a higher color grade. An I color grade diamond is a versatile choice, because yellow and rose metals will make them look icier. They also sparkle beautifully in white metals such as platinum and white gold.
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I Color Diamond

FAQs about I Color Diamonds

What are I color diamonds?

I color diamonds are rated by the GIA and IGI as having a slight yellow hue that puts them in the near colorless category. In laboratory settings, the slightly yellow hue of I diamonds is more apparent. Many I colored diamonds appear colorless to the unaided eye. 

What setting is best for I color-grade diamonds?

I colored diamonds are near colorless. For engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry, try pairing one with a white gold or platinum setting to enjoy an icier look.

Is color grade more important in larger diamonds?

Yes. The larger the diamond, the more visible any faint color will be, especially in certain cuts. If you are shopping for diamonds of one-carat weight or larger, look for H color grade diamonds or higher.

What are the three color grade categories?

Blue Nile offers eight color grades within three categories: colorless, near colorless, and faint color. I color grade diamonds are the third-highest grade within the near colorless category.

Are I colored diamonds a good buy?

If you’re looking to get more diamond for a lower cost, I diamonds are an excellent choice. As a near colorless diamond, I diamonds are priced lower than colorless diamonds. I diamonds will appear slightly whiter in a yellow or rose gold setting. The right I color diamond can appear colorless if it is set with other I color diamonds or on its own.

What shape is good for I diamonds?

The slight yellow tone of I colored diamonds is least visible in certain diamond shapes such as round cut. An I color round cut diamond will look whiter than a pear cut of the same color grade.

What metals are best for I color diamond ring settings?

An I color diamond saturation is very faint so virtually all setting types fit this popular stone. If you are looking to further downplay the color of an I diamond, choose a yellow or rose gold setting.

Should I pair I diamonds with other stones?

I color-grade diamonds pair well with many stones and settings. If you are adding other diamonds to the band, such as with a three stone engagement ring, it is best to choose additional I color diamonds for your setting.

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