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If you're looking for a beautiful diamond on a budget, consider faint color diamonds. These diamonds typically have a K color grade, indicating that there's a faint color to the diamond. Faint color diamonds make a budget-friendly choice and look stunning with a traditional yellow gold setting.


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FAQs about Faint Color Diamonds

Diamonds are a naturally occurring stone, and as such, no two are exactly alike. The vast majority of diamonds have some level of color, which can appear as gray, white, yellow, green, brown, or even pink. Color is considered one of the 4Cs of diamonds and helps determine the overall grade and cost of the diamond.

A diamond receives a letter grade in reference to color. The earlier in the alphabet the grade, the less color the diamond has. The later in the alphabet the grade, the more color the diamond has. A D-F grade diamond is considered colorless and extremely rare. Diamonds with a G–J Rating are near-colorless. Diamonds with a K rating are faint color diamonds.

All of the 4Cs affect the price of the diamond, including color.

Yes. If you're buying a diamond under one carat in weight, you can choose one with an I, J, or K color grade, as long as it is not used in a setting with sidestones of a higher color grade. If you are exceeding one carat in weight, we recommend opting for an H grade or higher. Yellow gold and rose gold settings are ideal for showcasing the beauty of faint color diamonds without calling attention to their hue. The tone of a faint color diamond will stand out more against a white metal setting.

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