H Color Diamonds

Experience the near-colorless beauty of H color diamonds from Blue Nile. The faint yellow tone of H color grade diamonds is only visible in direct comparison to a better grade diamond. H color diamonds are of high quality and very budget-friendly. Of all the diamonds sold at Blue Nile, 15 percent have an H color grade.


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FAQs about H Color Diamonds

H color grade diamonds are the fourth-best color grade of diamonds available. They are considered near colorless and don't have color that's easily discernible to the eye.

When you're working with a budget, an H colored diamond makes a great choice. They are much less expensive than colorless diamonds, but they’re the highest color grade within the near colorless category.

Blue Nile offers eight color grades within three categories–colorless, near colorless, and faint color.

If you select an H color grade diamond as a center stone, make sure any smaller stones surrounding it are of an equal or lesser color grade. Placing an H grade diamond up against a better color grade in a diamond sidestone setting will make the difference more noticeable.

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