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Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

Lab grown fancy-color diamonds have made it possible to enjoy the beauty of uniquely hued diamonds, transforming nature’s rarity and allowing everyone to enjoy these special gems. Colorful lab grown diamonds are the perfect addition to engagement rings, earrings and other jewelry styles. Discover the enchanting hues of lab created colored diamonds with affordable shapes, shades, styles, and sizes. These gems offer ethical brilliance with long-lasting beauty. Our GIA graded lab created fancy-colored diamonds were made to shine.
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Lab grown fancy-colored blue diamond.

FAQs about Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

How are lab grown colored diamonds made?

Colorful diamonds with fancy hues are extremely rare in nature, making these gems a considerable investment. Lab grown colored diamonds offer the beauty of their natural counterparts with greater affordability and larger carat weights. These lab stones are not as rare as natural ones, but they offer the same beauty for prices that allow more people to enjoy their prismatic brilliance. 

Lab created diamonds are made in controlled settings using HPHT or CVD methods. Depending on how lab grown diamonds are made, some varieties of these popular gems can come in fancy colors such as pink, blue or even green. 

To create lab grown colored diamonds, special steps are added during the growing process. For example, CVD diamonds can grow with unique colors that are achieved by introducing special elements through gaseous form during the growth process. In the HPHT method, lab diamond colors are created by growing these gems with boron in the process for beautiful blue colors. Other colors can be achieved through special treatment processes.  

Do lab diamond colors fade?

No, fancy-colored lab grown diamonds do not fade or change color over time. The processes that give these lab gems their unique colors are designed for longevity.

What are colored lab created diamonds used for?

These gems are an exceptional choice for engagement rings, wedding rings and other meaningful jewelry.

Are these diamonds rare?

While fancy-color diamonds are exceptionally rare in nature, they are more easily found in lab created varieties. This is because experts have managed to reproduce the conditions in which these diamonds form in controlled settings. While fancy-color lab diamonds are still rarer than more colorless lab diamonds, they are more plentiful than natural fancy-color diamonds.

What is the most popular lab diamond color?

After colorless shades, blue is the most popular lab diamond color. This fancy shade offers unique beauty that shines in all settings. It's especially popular for white gold and platinum rings.

How are lab grown fancy-color diamonds graded?

As with all our other diamonds, our fancy-colored lab created diamonds receive GIA diamond certification reports. These reports assess the 4Cs of diamonds along with color intensity and color distribution. A fancy-color lab diamond will also receive GIA reporting on its production method such as HPHT or CVD. You can learn more about the differences between GIA and IGI to see what makes GIA graded fancy-color lab diamonds the best choice.

Who sells loose colored lab created diamonds?

At Blue Nile, we are proud to offer a leading selection of high-quality loose lab created fancy-color diamonds. You can shop by diamond shape, color, carat, and price. You can choose a loose fancy-color lab diamond or have your selected gem set into our engagement rings, earrings or necklaces for a completed piece.

How do lab grown fancy-color diamonds differ from natural ones?

Fancy-color diamonds are eye-catching, brilliant additions to engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. Natural fancy-colored diamonds are exceptionally rare and typically available in smaller carat weights than colorful lab diamonds. People in search of larger diamonds, specific colors or certain price points may find their fit more easily when they shop for lab grown fancy-color diamonds.

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