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Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are essential pieces of jewellery. They have a timeless appeal and are great for adding a touch of shine to both formal and everyday outfits. Gold chain necklaces and pendant gold necklaces for men and women come in versatile designs to suit every aesthetic.


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FAQs about Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are always in style because of the incredible variety of designs available. Some of our most popular necklace styles include sparkling diamond and colourful gemstone pendant necklaces on gold chains. Subtle but stunning gold pendant pearl necklaces and elegant gold pearl strand necklaces have a timeless appeal. We also carry beautiful cross gold necklaces for women and men who desire to express their faith.

The price of a 14k gold necklace depends on its design, and we offer looks and prices for every budget and style. Simple and fashionable gold pendants—which are popular gold necklaces for women—are available for just a couple hundred dollars. Gold necklaces with diamond and gemstone accents can cost up to a few thousand dollars, while necklaces with multiple diamonds and gemstones are worth anywhere from ten to twenty thousand dollars.

White gold and platinum both have a sleek and smooth white sheen that beautifully accentuates the sparkle of diamonds. Platinum is our most durable precious metal, and it never fades or chances colour. Gold is more malleable than platinum, but it's alloyed with other metals to ensure that our gold necklaces also last a lifetime. Platinum is about 30 times rarer than gold, making white gold the more affordable option of the two.

Yellow gold and white gold necklaces are available at many of the same price points. The value of gold jewellery is based not on the type of gold, but the karat weight. We offer both 14k and 18k gold necklaces. Because 18k gold is a purer alloy, it carries a higher price.

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