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Tantalum Rings

Bold black tantalum gives an understated and modern look to our men's rings. Dense, shatterproof and scratch-resistant—tantalum wedding rings are perfect for everyday wear. Choose from our collection of tantalum men's rings to stand out from the crowd.
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ZAC ZAC POSEN Wedding Rings

FAQs about Tantalum Rings

How much do ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding rings cost?

Our ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding rings range from $645 to $6,584. You can find the perfect ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding ring at a price that suits you, with costs varying by the rings' total carat weight and the quality of diamonds.

How should I wear my ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding ring?

ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding rings are just like any other wedding ring. In the US and most other western countires, weddings rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand below the engagement ring.

Are ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding rings in style?

ZAC ZAC POSEN wedding rings have a simple, sleek design that exudes a timeless apeal. This means they remain a stylish contribution to any jewelry collection.

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