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Chain Necklaces

The ultimate classic, a chain necklace is an essential piece of jewellery. We offer men’s and women’s chains in metals such as gleaming gold, sterling silver and shining platinum. Paired with a pendant, stacked in layers or worn all on its own—the chain necklace is a must-have piece.

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FAQs about Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are comprised of interwoven links made of metal. There are many types of chain necklaces made with different link configurations. Popular chain types include box chains, ball chains, rope chains, cable chains, figaro chains, Singapore chains, anchor chains and wheat chains.

The strong interlocking metal links on chain necklaces are often thought to symbolize unity and eternal love. In terms of style, chains are a popular piece of jewellery for layering or adorning with pendants.

While chain necklaces have been around for centuries, their popularity in the mainstream jewellery world is largely attributed to hip hop and Black culture. Chain necklaces are often associated with 80’s hip hop artists that made them popular, such as LL Cool J and Run DMC. Today, chain jewellery is worn by people from all walks of life. They can be worn with pendants, layered with other chains or as a single necklace.

The most popular men’s chains are typically necklaces that feature a thicker metal. The chain types can vary with different designs such as figaro interlinking or classic rope styling. Some of the most popular men’s chains include box chains, anchor chains, figaro chains, wheat chains and Cuban necklaces.

Many thinner chain necklaces are perfect for adorning with pendant jewellery. If you are thinking of adding a pendant to a thicker chain, make sure that the pendant’s bale can accommodate the chain’s thickness. Our custom pendants are the perfect addition to many chains!

Durable precious metals such as silver, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum are best for chains.

It’s best to protect your chain by removing it before sleeping, swimming, playing sports or engaging in any other activities that can potentially damage your chain. If you're keeping your chain on during a hike, while gardening or during other similar activities, make sure to tuck your chain into your clothing against your skin so it’s protected.

With the history of chain jewellery dating back centuries, clasps for chain necklaces have changed over the years. Jewellery clasp types, such as front closures with ornate gemstones on Victorian necklaces, have evolved into stylish and secure closures to keep chains safe. The most popular modern necklace chain clasps are lobster claw clasps and spring ring closures.

Many chains are fit perfectly for layering. Thicker chains, such as rope or wheat chains, can be layered with thinner pieces such as beaded or cable chains.

Some of the strongest chains are cable, figaro and rope chains. Chains in precious metals are the strongest options.

Chains are best cleaned using a jewellery cleaning solution suited to the jewelry’s metal.

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