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Diamond Earrings for Men

Express your standout style with a pair of brilliant diamond earrings. We offer a leading selection of diamond earrings for men including designs with round brilliant, oval or square diamonds. Dress up your favorite suit with a pair of diamond studs or add a trendy style of dangling diamond designs. Whether you pair your diamond earrings together or wear a sparkling earring in just one ear, men’s diamond earrings are the perfect accessory.
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1 carat white gold pear diamond earrings.
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FAQs about Diamond Earrings for Men

Can a man wear diamond earrings?

Absolutely! Anyone can wear our stylish men’s diamond earrings if their ears are pierced. Some people choose to wear just one of these masculine earrings at a time, while others opt to wear both simultaneously in each ear for a complete pair.

What size diamond stud should a man wear?

When it comes to wearing diamond stud earrings for men, there’s no precise size that’s best for everyone. There are a variety of standard sizes to choose from, ranging from 1/3 carat to 6 carat total weight. The best earring size is the one that matches your personal style. This may be a standout pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings or a set of hoops featuring smaller diamonds set closely together.

Which earrings look best on men?

The understated elegance of diamond stud earrings for men stands out as our most popular option for these masculine styles. More colorless diamonds are a handsome option, but trendy pairs with black diamonds, yellow diamonds or even rich blue sapphires are also great choices for men of all ages.

How do you care for men’s diamond earrings?

Keep this jewelry at its best with regular cleaning using a specialized jewelry cleaning solution. When you’re not wearing your earrings, store them in their original packaging or a felt-lined jewelry box. Diamonds are very durable and earring settings in gold or platinum are also very strong, but it’s important to check the prongs of your diamond earrings every few months to make sure nothing has loosened.

Do other jewelry styles match diamond earrings for men?

Whether you’re wearing studs or shining hoops, men’s diamond earrings are a flexible jewelry style that can match any look. These earrings can be worn on their own or they can be coordinated with other men’s styles including necklaces and bracelets.

Which ear should a man wear diamond earring studs in?

Men should wear diamond studs in their pierced ears. Some men may have only one ear pierced, which means they’ll wear their studs one at a time. For men with both ears pierced, it’s always a fashionable choice to wear studs or hoops in each ear.

Can men wear diamond hoop earrings?

While studs are the most popular style we offer for men’s diamond earrings, we do also offer hoops that men from all walks of life can wear. Diamond men’s earrings in hoop designs are often worn as the only jewelry for an outfit to bring a standout style.
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