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Bypass Rings

Unique bypass rings combine vintage styles with today’s trends for memorable rings that are crafted to last. These ever-popular rings typically feature bypass shapes in which two ends of a ring wrap over one another. Other bypass ring designs feature looping diamonds or precious metals to evoke the bypass style. Choose a platinum bypass band with channels of diamonds centered around a main gemstone, a split bypass ring with pavé detailing or a looping bypass ring in gleaming gold. Our men’s and women’s bypass rings are available in platinum or gold.
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Men’s bypass ring with channel diamonds

FAQs about Bypass Rings

What is a bypass ring?

A bypass ring is a jewelry style in which two ends of the ring loop around each other without directly connecting. They can be open rings with bypass ends of the shank, or closed rings that feature looping decorative bypass designs along the head or gallery of the ring. 

The hallmark of a bypass ring is two or more looping elements that play off each other for a unique design. This may be two ends of the shank that join on opposing sides around a center stone, two rows of diamonds offset around the ring or split shank styles with intentional gaps. The two opposing design elements of a bypass ring create a stylistic conversation that can bring a trendy look to fashion and engagement styles.

Do bypass rings close?

Some bypass rings are closed traditional ring shapes that incorporate the signature looping elements through diamonds or precious metal accents. Other styles of bypass rings take the design’s namesake to heart with rings that don’t make a perfect circle but instead feature purposeful gaps in their bypass designs.

What is the history of bypass rings?

This enchanting ring style first saw popularity during the Victorian Era, when it was most commonly given as an engagement ring. Since then, these rings have been one of the top unique style choices.

Is this kind of ring popular today?

Yes, bypass rings are popular styles today. The flowing design of bypass rings makes them a popular choice for everyday wear as fashion rings, engagement rings or special occasion cocktail rings.

Are bypass rings good gifts?

Symbolic, stylish and vintage-inspired bypass rings are excellent gifts.

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