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Lab Grown Diamond Anniversary Rings

Celebrate your love with a brilliant lab grown diamond anniversary ring. Typically given for milestone anniversaries, these diamond rings can bring symbolism and sparkle. Choose from multi-stone lab created diamond anniversary bands in platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Our high-quality lab grown diamond rings feature today’s most popular diamond shapes including round, oval, emerald, princess and Asscher.
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Seven-stone oval lab grown diamond anniversary ring in platinum.

FAQs about Lab Grown Diamond Anniversary Rings

Are lab diamond anniversary bands good quality?

At Blue Nile, we offer high-quality lab grown diamond jewelry. Our pieces are made with brilliant lab diamonds that are just as durable as their natural counterparts. You can learn more about how lab diamonds are made along with the strict 4Cs used to assess these gems.

Lab diamond anniversary bands in precious metals such as platinum and gold are incredibly durable and stylish.

What is the diamond anniversary?

There are different themes for anniversary gifts by year, with the 60th anniversary serving as the diamond anniversary. But you don’t need to wait until your 60th anniversary to give your loved one a lab grown diamond anniversary ring. These rings are popular for any milestone anniversary such as 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

How do you style lab created diamond anniversary bands?

Lab grown diamond anniversary bands are typically worn as part of someone’s wedding ring stack. In this look, the wedding band, engagement ring and lab created diamond anniversary ring are all worn together in one stack on the ring finger. As with all jewelry, it’s ultimately up to the wearer to decide how they’d like to wear their lab diamond anniversary band.

Do these rings make good gifts?

Anniversary rings with lab diamonds are excellent gifts. They are symbolic and stylish, making for memorable gifts that can be worn every day.

How do you clean a lab created diamond anniversary ring?

Because lab diamonds are just as durable as natural ones, they are easy to maintain. You can keep a lab diamond anniversary ring in shape by routinely using a gentle jewelry cleaning solution to remove any dirt.

What designs are available?

We offer a wide selection of lab grown diamond anniversary rings. Our seven-stone rings are our most popular, with diamonds in popular shapes such as round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald and Asscher. We also offer rings with pavé diamonds in various shapes and carat weights. Choose from lab diamond anniversary rings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

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